Fox News Jumps on the Democrat Band Wagon, Further Snubs Republican Voter Base

He's a progressive Democrat socialist and he's drunk on Nancy Pelosi's Kool-Aid conspiracies. Bret Baier doesn't even try to act conservative. The only reason...
Steve Bannon Issues Explosive Warning

Steve Bannon Issues Explosive Warning

RINO Senator Mitt Romney once again opened his mouth and spewed more nonsense, and Steve Bannon is tired of it. On June 27, RINO Romney...

Congress Failed, and Now the Military is Suffering the Consequences

Our military, particularly the National Guard, is suffering the consequences of progressive incompetence. The Democrat controlled congress, under the leadership of His Imperial Wisdom...

One of the Biggest Companies Out There Was Just Exposed for Helping Fund Terrorists

It's okay to fund terrorism as long as the liberals are doing it. One of the biggest of the big-tech giants has been funding...
Another RINO Emerges from the Depths of the Swamp

Another RINO Emerges from the Depths of the Swamp, Helps Dems With Their ‘Steal’...

In another case of a RINO working against the best interests of his party and of the American people broadly, Vermont's Republican Governor, Phil...

Dems Suffering Huge Blow as One of Their Own Breaks Ranks…Refuses to Vote in...

West Virginia's DINO Senator Joe Manchin sold out his scheming majority leader by refusing to toe the party line. He's acting like a turncoat...

The Dark Secret, and Sinister Truth Behind the Arizona Audit

A local sheriff in Arizona reportedly went ballistic when asked to give election auditors access to the county's routers from the 2020 election. Now,...

Breaking: Georgia Looks To Take Over Elections Once Fraud is Uncovered

Left-leaning NBC is terrified that the election board in Georgia is plotting "a possible takeover of elections in Fulton County." That's the one containing...

Another RINO Goes on the Rampage

A former talking head for the local Faux 10 outlet thinks she can convince Arizona voters to let her be the next Governor. There's...

FBI Exposed: They Knew About It

Tucker Carlson has been dogging Ilhan Omar for years. He had a guest on his show the other night who is convinced that DNA...