Another RINO Emerges from the Depths of the Swamp, Helps Dems With Their ‘Steal’ Strategy

Another RINO Emerges from the Depths of the Swamp

In another case of a RINO working against the best interests of his party and of the American people broadly, Vermont’s Republican Governor, Phil Scott, has signed an election bill requiring the state to mail ballots to all registered voters.

“I’m signing this bill because I believe making sure voting is easy and accessible, and increasing voter participation is important,” he explained. “Having said that, we should not limit this expansion of access to general elections alone, which already have the highest voter turnout.”

Governor Scott is directly contradicting the message of his own party, and common sense. While it is true that mass mailing of ballots will make voting “easier,” it will also make voter fraud easier. It may increase participation, but it will also increase the number of legitimate votes that are cancelled out by illegitimate and illegal votes.

While true conservative leaders are focusing on election security and integrity, this RINO governor is actively destroying election security in his state by signing this bill.

Bill S.15 was lauded on Twitter by the Vermont Secretary of State, Jim Condos. “S.15, the universal ballot mailing bill, has been signed into law! Once again #VT is leading the nation. Other states are rolling back voting rights while we’re ensuring democracy remains in reach & becomes even more accessible for those who may otherwise be left out,” the tweet read.

Of course the RINOs running Vermont would push the tired left-wing talking point that other states are “rolling back voting rights.”

Several GOP led states have implemented legislation to limit mail-in voting due to the potential for fraud, and have also instituted new voting laws focused on election integrity, such as voter-ID laws.

RINOs have joined with Democrats to attack election integrity laws around the country, and Vermont’s governor is no exception.

Governor Scott has deliberately chosen to side with the left in signing the bill, which was passed by the state’s Democrat controlled legislature earlier this year.

All Scott is really doing is helping the Democrats continue in their effort to steal elections. He is literally voting against himself, and it’s likely that he will lose his next election if this law is still in place.

Even if it does get struck down by the courts, Scott will still likely lose the support of GOP voters for choosing to sign the bill in the first place.

The question is, will the law be challenged by conservative groups, or will we allow another election to take place that is rife with fraud?


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