Dem Rep Pumps the Brakes on Leftist Bill, Citing MAJOR Concerns


On Thursday night, when Nancy Pelosi finally brought her massive pork package bill to the floor for a vote, Democrat lawmaker Jared Golden came out of the closet as a DINO. He was able to safely take a stand against his leadership and improve chances of holding his seat, without doing any damage to the socialist scheme. He broke ranks, but he was the only one so it didn’t make much difference.

Democrat betrays bill

The Democrats finally managed to cooperate enough to gather all the votes needed to push the cradle-to=grave socialism bill through the House.

As soon as she hit the magic number Thursday evening, November 18, Pelosi rounded up all the Democrats and nailed it down before anyone got cold feet.

There was only one holdout. Jared Golden refused to vote for the massive $1.7 trillion social spending spree, cheesed off over a compromise “tax change that would mostly benefit the wealthy.” Getting it through the Senate untouched is an entirely different story. It still has amnesty for all the illegals buried in there somewhere.

If it manages to make it all the way through, it will almost certainly have changes. This DINO isn’t ready to act like a rabid velociraptor, only a placid plant muncher, and promised not to “rule out voting for the bill later on after it makes its way through the Senate.”

Golden has been known to get out of line once in a while. It makes him look like less of a yes man. He always carefully avoids controversy on close votes. There was plenty of cushion allowing him to take a symbolically meaningless stand.

Pelosi’s wish list bill of “long standing progressive priorities, including investments to combat climate change, improve affordability of child care and expand Medicaid and Medicare” was sure to pass the Democrat controlled House.


No tax cuts for the rich

Golden was one of the few holdout members of the DNC who didn’t want to make a firm commitment backing the bill. At first, he demanded to see the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office before he would make a decision.

Along the way, most of his concerns over various programs were negotiated away. All except for one. Golden insists it’s a deal-breaker for him.

The radical socialist faction had demanded “eat the rich” level taxes. What they ended up with in the finished version of the bill was the exact opposite, tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy.

Socialists who stand behind Bernie Sanders were furious that they included a “provision raising the cap on the state and local tax deduction.” As noted by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, described as “a left-leaning think tank,” Around “three-quarters of the benefits of the change would go to the wealthiest 5 percent.”

Golden is actually so naive that he believes those who have more than enough gold to make the rules will willingly pay taxes. That part of the bill was doomed to failure from the start. The family at the top of the financial food chain would never permit it.

The whole New World Order is a pet project of the Rothschild family. They have more money than anyone can start to count, despite how much they whine that the 19th century was rough on them. They didn’t get that kind of power by paying taxes.