Health Agencies Unlawfully Hiding the Truth


America’s alleged health officials are unlawfully failing to alert the public about confirmed risks reported in connection with the experimental mRNA “vaccine” developed to fight COVID-19. All the doctors and nurses running the FDA, CDC and other federal agencies are violating state level ethics and licensing standards.

Health risks don’t fit narrative

The biggest reason top U.S. health officials are hiding the truth is because adverse reactions don’t fit the New World Order narrative. Insiders have been widely grumbling that the Food and Drug Administration is “ignoring internal drug safety epidemiologists who have stated during official FDA presentations that it only takes a single, well-documented adverse event to justify a safety signal investigation.

Their whole job is to warn the American public about the risk. They’re covering it up instead.

Nobody can deny the “unquestionably serious cardiovascular, thrombotic and neurologic adverse events related to the vaccine” which have happened all over the planet. The FDA’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System “shows substantial and serious risks from the vaccine.

Those adverse health reports are swept under the rug, while federal agencies and manufacturers continue to insist how safe the shots are. They’ve known for more than a year but didn’t tell you simply because “it would counter the narrative that taking endless vaccines and boosters is your patriotic duty.

The FDA has more than 18,000 people on the payroll with access to the drug safety data but there haven’t been any “updated Covid-19 labeling reflecting the latest safety and efficacy findings.” Before any “pharmacist, and nurse, or anyone else with a clinical professional license” is allowed to work “at the FDA or CDC or any other public health agency,” they have to have a “current, active, full, and unrestricted license or registration from any state in the U.S.

Medical professionals are held to a higher standard and “expected to think for themselves rather than simply take orders.” According to American Thinker, not “fully warning patients about the potential dangers from any drug before administering useless and potentially dangerous vaccines and boosters places these professionals’ licenses at risk, regardless of what the CDC, FDA, or White House says.

Not even a vaccine

There were no “Dear Doctor” letters “giving updated safety guidance” or “Dear Pharmacist” letters “to pharmacists who are still daily administering thousands of boosters to kids and other young healthy people.” A vaccine is supposed to contain a weak dose of the virus to be countered, so the body can form “natural immunity.

Our leading health scientists don’t seem to be familiar with the term. They just give blank stares when they hear it. The new and improved modern way to make a “vaccine” is whip up a batch of mRna from aborted fetus stem cells and use that to “lesson the symptoms” of eventual infection from the actual virus later. It doesn’t build any immunity to anything and really has no right to even be called a vaccine.

As the truth continues to leak out about the true state of “vaccine efficacy and safety,” all these officials and health agency employees who colluded with mRNA vaccine manufacturers to “withhold information from the public” will answer for their crimes.

The whole “I was just following orders” excuse “will not cut it. Just keeping your head down and cruising through your job, handing out vaccines is not an option when it comes to the lives of your fellow Americans.

The silence underscores the contradiction of FDA’s motto. They promise the public to make sure that: “All food is safe; all medical products are safe and effective; and the public health is advanced and protected.” They blew it.

Over at the CDC, their motto pledges to “base all public health decisions on the highest quality scientific data that is derived openly and objectively.” Tell that to the Deep State operatives really running the show.