Russians Tricked Biden Censors Into Flagging US State Dept.

Some Russian rats played a dirty trick on Joe Biden's social media censors. Government thought police were so focused on removing any post which...

Oversight Committee Uncovers ‘Disturbing’ Findings, LOOK at What They Found!!

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has announced that they've uncovered even more bank records with their probe of Biden family finances....

Conservative Firebrand Demands Media Megaliths Cough Up Answers

Conservative Ohio firebrand Jim Jordan is being described as "a driving force" behind the move by House Republicans to dig deep into the misdeeds...

Biden Makes Big Promises in Brussels – Keeping Them Another Story

Joe Biden couldn't wait to get out of the beltway. He would much rather be surrounded by NATO delegates than We the People. In...

A ‘Target Rich Environment’ For Conservative Action

A reporter with The Hill made the mistake of asking Ron Johnson what he would do with subpoena power when he gets his hands...

Russia’s Lavrov Denies Any Invasion, Didn’t Bomb Hospital Either

Jen Psaki can pick up a few pointers from Sergei Lavrov. When people ask you about things you don't officially want to talk about,...

Nascar Interview Turns Interesting After This Happens

During a Nascar interview, the "Let's Go Brandon" phenomenon was on full display yet again. When will it end? Probably never, considering how out...
New Details Emerge

New Details Emerge on How Many Americans Joe Biden Has Killed

On August 6, 1945, Harry S Truman faced a very important decision, and that was dropping the Atom Bomb on Japan. Today, new details...
Hunter Biden Info

More Hunter Biden Info Drips Out of the Swamp

There is some more Hunter Biden info that is slithering out of the D.C. swamp. It's like that 1968 T.V. movie The Curse of...
Jail Term

DOJ Recommends Jail Term for Air Force Veteran

The DOJ is now recommending a jail term for an Air Force veteran who took part in something that he should have just stayed...