Congress Failed, and Now the Military is Suffering the Consequences


Our military, particularly the National Guard, is suffering the consequences of progressive incompetence. The Democrat controlled congress, under the leadership of His Imperial Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., has been a total failure. Guard units across the country are confronted with cripplingly drastic measures, as repayment for the security they provided to beltway liberals. The whole core of the dispute is that the troops from across the country have been serving in the Capitol as a de facto “palace guard,” for the past several months, but nobody wants to pay the bill.

Suffering for liberal security

The Nebraska National Guard is only one group of guardsmen furious with the Imperial Palace. Nobody is paying their bill for services rendered and it’s a little difficult to hire bill collectors to harass Congress.

Since their financial throat’s been cut and there isn’t any hope of a transfusion of cash in sight, the Nebraska units have started “canceling training events.” Similar squads across the nation are faced with the same suffering and have been taking even more desperate steps.

So far, the bill is up above half a billion dollars. Every penny was “spent securing the Capitol in the months following the January 6th riot.” Congress is supposed to pay for that but they’re too busy packing pork into a unilateral “human” infrastructure bill they plan to shove down the throats of Republicans after they settle on a “bipartisan” bill to pay for the real infrastructure needs.

While Nancy Pelosi bickers with Kevin McCarthy, the guard troops are suffering. “The annual weapons qualification this coming weekend for some members of the Nebraska Guard was canceled to save on travel, lodging, and meal costs, all of which have been scaled back to save money.”

According to Major Scott Ingalsbe, “we just couldn’t incur the cost.” That doesn’t mean they’ll be any less prepared. “the Guard will conduct a training weekend at its home base.”

They also had to cancel an “upcoming marksmanship exercise for early-August,” and “a pre-command course, firearms training for soldiers who need to improve their marksmanship, and more.” The suffering has already spread beyond Nebraska.


Real world consequences

Various sources report that similar cancellations will spread the suffering “beyond Nebraska to more states if the National Guard Bureau isn’t reimbursed $521 million for the cost of the securing the Capitol through late May.” The clock is ticking loudly.

“If funding isn’t sorted by the first of August, this list will grow,” National Guard Bureau spokesman Wayne Hall informs. These exercise cancellations underscore, “the real-world consequences that are arising.”

The whole problem is Congress. All the suffering is a result of “a funding impasse in Congress over providing supplemental funding.” How hard can it be for congress to pass a law saying they approve payment of what they ordered. Some say the FBI was behind the barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6.

Liberals characterized the possibly false-flag event as an “insurrection” by deplorable Donald Trump supporters, then called in the National Guard. Democrat insecurity led to “thousands of National Guard being deployed at the Capitol for several months afterward.”

Until they can shake Uncle Sam down for the money he owes them, the suffering will continue and get even worse “as Guard leaders have begun pulling unobligated dollars to close the funding gap.”

For instance, the “Illinois National Guard may be required to cancel August and September, cancel upcoming annual training events, furlough over one thousand federal civilian employees, ground aircraft, which will cause pilots to lose critical flight readiness ratings, cancel essential military schools,” and “pull transportation.” So says Major Gen. Richard Neely, the Illinois Adjutant General.