Gov. DeSantis Unveils a New Weapon

Gov. DeSantis Unveils a New Weapon to Take Back Control of Things

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has unveiled a new weapon in his political arsenal: new measures to protect election integrity and defend the American people’s constitutional rights.

Governor DeSantis made the announcement at an event in West Palm beach, where he held a news conference.

Speaking to the press, DeSantis said that he has established a new law enforcement agency that will be focused on investigating any reports or evidence of election fraud.

According to the governor, this new agency will be tasked with investigating election crimes such as illegal ballot harvesting, ballot dumping, etc.

Gov. DeSantis also made it clear that Florida has increased criminal penalties for election-related crimes.

“If you see somebody brings a stack of ballots and they’re stuffing them in a drop box, you have a place that will field these complaints and will immediately be able to investigate and hold them accountable,” said DeSantis.

A press release also noted that the newly-created Office of Election Crimes and Security would be formed “within the Department of State to investigate election crimes and fraud.”

“Election integrity is a top priority in Florida, which is why I am calling on the Florida Legislature to take additional steps to safeguard our elections,” the governor wrote in another tweet, sharing a clip of his speech.

The governor is quickly becoming popular on the right, as his actions within the last two years have shown that he is one of the few Republican leaders that will stand up to tyranny and fight back with actual lawmaking, rather than just complaining and getting nothing done, like most of the GOP.

One of Gov. DeSantis’ most popular policy positions has been the fight against medical tyranny. He recently announced that he is ramping up the fight against vaccine mandates in his state, with his mission being to protect the jobs and livelihoods of all of Florida’s citizens, alongside protecting the children of Florida from these experimental vaccines.

“In Florida, there will be no vaccine mandate for children in our schools. This is a decision that belongs to parents,” tweeted Governor DeSantis.