Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell Evidence

Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell Evidence

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has dropped bombshell evidence about the rampant voter fraud in Georgia’s 2020 election.

During a segment on July 14, Carlson revealed evidence of significant voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia.

According to information from election integrity group VoterGA, Democrats were double-scanning ballots in Fulton County, and the majority of the ballots that were scanned twice were for Joe Biden.

“It now appears there actually was meaningful voting fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, last November,” Tucker began. “That is not a conspiracy theory, it’s true. From the beginning, the show has tried to be fact-based when we talk about the 2020 election results. So here’s what we know tonight, factually.”

“At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double counted in Fulton County,” he continued. “That’s a total of more than 4,000 votes. Those numbers come from a group called VoterGA, which along with Bob Cheeley, sued to get them. The final tally from the double counts we know about amounts to more than 3300 votes for Joe Biden and 865 votes for Donald Trump.”

“Now, before you dismiss Bob Cheeley and VoterGA as dishonest partisan actors, keep in mind that the strongly left-of-center Atlanta Journal Constitution appears to agree with this, at least in outline,” Tucker added. “The newspaper reviewed the available digital ballot images independently and concluded that hundreds of ballots were improperly duplicated. What does that look like exactly? Well, here’s what it looks like. In a press conference yesterday, a consultant with VoterGA called David Cross showed how we can be certain that votes in Fulton County were counted more than once.”

“How’s that possible?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Every American should want to know, because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections, otherwise known as our democracy. We’re not talking about a couple of ballots here. We are talking about a lot of ballots, at least hundreds of ballots involved. Enough potentially to affect the outcome of the election,” he concluded.

Watch the entire bombshell segment here: