7 Blood-Boiling Items Hidden inside Spending Plan


On Wednesday, conservatives exposed a “socialist wish-list” of seven items hidden in Joe Biden’s spending scheme. Deeply buried things in the Build Back Better Act are guaranteed to make your blood boil.

Socialist’s spending secrets

Republicans who sit on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, (conservative ones that is, not the RINO types,) went through the Democrat spending spree with a fine tooth comb and were startled at some of the hideous abuses they uncovered from deep in the depths of the text. The whole thing is in the process of imploding from Democrat disunity.

The two parts need each other to stand up and neither one of them are getting the support they need. The $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill was designed to appease Republicans so the radical progressives won’t let it move. They think they can hold it hostage until they get their $3.5 trillion “everything plus two kitchen sinks and a bidet” pork package passed. DINO traitors Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have sabotaged their efforts.

On Wednesday, October 20, the committee republicans announced that included in the “welfare state called the Build Back Better Act” are spending guidelines for such “grotesque waste of taxpayer money” gemstones as “bailouts for failing establishment media organizations.” The wealthy need handouts, it seems. “Democrats are hoping to provide wealthy families and corrupt organizations tax breaks and unnecessary handouts.”

His Wisdom wants families earning $800,000 to get “$118,000 in credits.” Along with that, “elite, well-funded private universities will get a tax break.” Also as part of the same provision, “liberal news organizations with up to 750 employees are set to be bailed out.” The lawmakers note the insult. “Their liberal bias has resulted in fewer Americans reading their work.” That doesn’t stop Imperial Leader Biden from handing them “a tax cut to offset their losses.”

Then there’s their “Green New Deal” provisions, designed to put small companies out of business. Their socialist fantasies will only hobble “hard-working taxpayers with debt and displace millions of Americans from their jobs.”

Tucked away in the spending spree, like Ghislaine Maxwell was in New Hampshire, a climate guarding “youth patrol” will get a grant of $3.5 billion taxpayer dollars. Essentially, it’s a “slush fund for jobless climate activists.” The “lengthy bill” hands “more than $34 billion in subsidies to ‘green’ special interest groups.” They can use it to buy more black-bloc riot gear for the nightly insurrection of anarchist irregulars.


Taxes on the taxes

In order to pay for all this spending, Biden expects to raise taxes through the roof. To accomplish it requires the weaponization of the IRS, which comes in at number 3 on the list. “Democrats are looking to funnel $80 billion to the IRS, which is six times the size of the IRS’ annual budget.”

The plan is to track every transaction in and out of your bank account so they can seize every penny they can get. The Democrat “surveillance program” will “infringe on the privacy” of “working class Americans.”

As part of the heavy new taxes, will be ones designed to discourage use of fossil fuels intended specifically to “destroy clean, reliable, and affordable domestic energy production.”

Democrats “intend to raise taxes on natural gas, raising energy costs on all Americans. In fact, their plans will divert taxpayer dollars into solely renewable technologies and completely ignore reliable fuel sources like nuclear energy and natural gas.” That’s why you’re already spending more at the pump. It will get worse. A lot worse.

The conservatives really hit the roof when they found the buried provision for instant amnesty. “Hidden in their $5 trillion dollar plan is blanket amnesty to more than 8 million illegal immigrants.” Borders? Forget about them. Welcome to the New World Order. “Democrats are signaling to the world and human smugglers that our laws can be violated with little consequence.”

Just like Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild, the Consumer Financial Protection Board, “Democrats are looking to create socialist slush funds. $20 billion dollars will go towards the National Climate Bank to send kickbacks to radical environmentalists.” On top of that, taxpayers will be spending “$200 million in payouts to Speaker Pelosi’s district and $25 million for butterfly, freshwater mussels, and desert fish populations.” Point 7 declares that rural Americans are out of luck. Out of $5 trillion, the “socialist wish-list fails to allocate any funds for critical programs like the commodity safety net, crop insurance, broadband, or disaster assistance. Neglecting to prioritize these funds negatively impacts rural communities and ultimately leaves them behind.”