Drug Cartel

Watch as 8 Drug Dealers Including Kingpin Get ROASTED By Military Chopper

There is no question that the U.S.-Mexican border has a serious drug problem, and only the most diehard liberal would refuse to believe it....

Breaking News: Snap Military Exercise, Razor Wire Going Up Along Border

Russian claims that they aren't getting ready to invade but the Estonian government is bracing for an invasion anyway. On Wednesday, November 17, they...

14 Dems Break Ranks, Side With GOP

At least a few of today's progressives aren't afraid to agree with the other side when they're right, instead of mindlessly standing shoulder-to-shoulder in...

A Gift from America to Israel

Thanks to a gift of heavy coin from the U.S. Treasury, Israel is deploying a new high tech missile defense sensor. America helped develop...
Breaking News: Assassination Attempt Gone Wrong

Breaking News: Assassination Attempt Gone Wrong

An assassination attempt utilizing an explosive-laden drone missed its target in the early hours of November 7th. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi survived the attempted...
Active Shooter and Bomb Threats at US Navy Base

Breaking: Active Shooter and Bomb Threats at US Navy Base

Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bethesda is currently under lockdown after receiving a bomb threat and a report of an active shooter threat on the...

Pentagon Reveals What Happened During Final Moments

The Pentagon is now revealing what happened during the final moments in late August when American enemies ISIS-K attacked them! On a Monday in late...
Medal of Honor

He Received The Medal Of Honor Faster Than Anyone in History

There are plenty of medal of honor recipients out there, but this guy received it in the fastest way possible! Hurrah! The latter days...

Congress Failed, and Now the Military is Suffering the Consequences

Our military, particularly the National Guard, is suffering the consequences of progressive incompetence. The Democrat controlled congress, under the leadership of His Imperial Wisdom...

The Walls Are Now Closing in Around LIAR Fauci

The walls are closing in around Anthony Fauci. Thanks to a FOIA request 900 page document drop, we learned that the corruption was even...