Disinformation Simply Means Anything Which Bothers Democrats


Disinformation is easily defined as anything which bothers Democrats. Since laws are only enforced when convenient to liberals, the Constitution has been thrown in the trash. The New York Times was once a fierce defender of the First Amendment. Now that free speech is a thing of the past, they’re one of the first to jump on the censorship bandwagon.

Disinformation dangerous to Democrats

Disinformation is dangerous. Especially to Democrats. Conservatives like to call it “truth.” George Orwell’s 1984 came around a long time ago and the reality is worse than he warned. They gave Big Brother a sex change and made him into a less sinister seeming little sister. One who listens day and night while providing you with pancake recipes and alert reminders.

When federal District Judge Terry Doughty ruled that the Biden regime isn’t allowed to “bully social-media platforms like Twitter and Facebook into taking down speech it dislikes,” The New York Times published what they call a “news analysis.” In it, they spell out for their readers the talking points handed down by the Biden Ministry of Truth, “framing the decision in purely partisan terms and impugning the judge’s credibility.

The editorial board of the New York Times has taken it upon themselves to educate misinformed Americans that anything that is bad for Joe Biden or anything Democrat related, is automatically “dangerous and wrongheaded.” Nothing can stand in the New World Order way of Agenda 2030. The Deep State plot to stop Donald Trump has been in full swing since 2015 and despite all that they’ve thrown at him, he only seems to get politically stronger. Here at Trending Right Wing, we’ve been beating the same drum, along with our conservative colleagues the Porrazzo family, for years. Check out this blast from the past dated October 5, 2020 and you’ll be amazed how relevant that post remains today. We even pointed out things about Hillary Clinton being recommended for indictment by the CIA which recently made headlines when exposed by the Durham Report.

Democrats need some fresh “moral-panic springboards” to legitimize the way they’re stomping on disinformation. The latest gambit is to link the need for total censorship on “grounds of public health and safety.” Thinking for yourself is unsafe, they reason, because it could easily lead to civil war.

Back in the days when America was great and laws were actually enforced, we had this overarching framework spelling out the contract which our government operates under. It was called the “Constitution.” We get the orders from Brussels now. America as a nation, with things like “borders,” “laws” or “rights” is a thing of the past. Once upon a time, the First Amendment to that constitution made it clear that the federal government isn’t allowed to restrict speech in any way shape or form. Farming it out to third parties doesn’t make it legal.

Things like legality and constitutionality are meaningless terms now. Democrats make the rules and do as they please. Questioning that can get you 400 years in jail. Just ask rightful President Donald Trump. That statement just got labeled as “disinformation” and “dangerous.” You can bet that Google Analytics won’t allow a single one of their ads to monetize any outlet daring to run this story because of it.

Censorship is necessary

Just like they told the dog before they took him to the vet to be neutered, it’s for your own good. The Times “fawningly” echos the Ministry of Truth bulletin, explaining patiently that we must have censorship of speech to “prevent the spread of potentially dangerous information, particularly in an election or during emergencies like a pandemic.” Particularly in an election where 80-year-old Joe Biden is running against conservative rock star Donald Trump.

Both just appeared in South Carolina. Trump pulled in between 50,000 and 75,000 screaming fans. He’s accused of spewing nothing but disinformation, so the whole event was censored into oblivion by the media. Biden appeared at a solar power related manufacturing plant and talked to nobody but the press about “Bidenomics.” That’s his name for “spend our way out of bankruptcy.” They’ve been giving it wall to wall coverage for days.

Judge Doughty granted an injunction calling a halt to the conspiracy until the underlying legal case plays out in court. Instantly, Biden lawyers went back to court trying to block the block. They aren’t likely to get it reversed. After the Times got done snarling and saying nasty things personally about the Judge, they started trying to convince everyone on the need for total government censorship. Disinformation will destroy the current way of life they scream. That’s only disturbing to Democrats.

They can’t handle that what’s been reported about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the emails and pedophilia it contains is the Truth with a capital T, so they censored it. Saying that the vaccine isn’t really a vaccine because it doesn’t produce immunity also needs to be censored. They don’t want you to know that it’s really an experimental MRNA gene therapy drug, meant to help COVID mutate into something less harmful. Talking about a lab origin for the Wuhan Flu also brought instant censorship. Now we know it’s true.

The truth is what the Democrats are actually trying to hide. Truth about the spike in Biden ballots in the middle of the night. Truth about all the federal agents on the ground at the Capitol and working behind the scenes before, during and after the barbarian invasion on January 6, 2021. Truth about who’s cocaine was found in the White House. Truth about how many grandchildren Joe Biden has.

The list goes on and on and on but all of it is considered “disinformation” to be swept under the censorship rug. Now that Judge Doughty put a stop to the coordination it will be interesting to see how Democrats handle it. Like Jack Nicholson says, they can’t handle the truth.