Michelle Obama’s Past Surfaces With Shocking Information, Instantly Goes Viral

The question on everyone’s lips is finally being investigated: Is Michelle Obama a man? For decades, the rumor has been circulating, and now we might...

Judge Rule ROCKS Election Results… This is HUGE

Last week we reported on a major problem in the presidential election in Guatemala. The counting had been halted after a lawsuit was filed by...

Fox News Star Arrested!

It has been reported that the former Fox News Chief National Correspondent, Ed Henry, was arrested in mid-June on charges of driving under the...

Russians Tricked Biden Censors Into Flagging US State Dept.

Some Russian rats played a dirty trick on Joe Biden's social media censors. Government thought police were so focused on removing any post which...

The Lizard Boy Can’t Just Cut and Paste an Entire Social Media Platform

Elon Musk has a new social media rival to Twitter called "Threads." Upset liberals who can't cope with unfettered free speech are flocking to...

He Strips Down Naked, Then Breaks Into Home to Murder the Family Members

After this man strips down naked, he broke into this home in a high-end neighborhood to murder the family members. Did his plan succeed? Let’s...

Oversight Committee Uncovers ‘Disturbing’ Findings, LOOK at What They Found!!

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has announced that they've uncovered even more bank records with their probe of Biden family finances....

New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

Information released by retired Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer exposed just how much former AG William Barr undermined investigations into voter fraud in the 2020...

He Was Caught Outside Her Window With His Pants Down

A Deltona, Florida peeping tom was caught outside a woman's window with his pants down. This isn't going to play out well for him… Apparently,...

A ‘Target Rich Environment’ For Conservative Action

A reporter with The Hill made the mistake of asking Ron Johnson what he would do with subpoena power when he gets his hands...