Decades in Prison

Man Gets Decades in Prison for Murdering His Mother, Raping Her

Of all of the heinous crimes you can do, this one man actually got decades in prison for murdering his mother and sexually assaulting...

Russia’s Lavrov Denies Any Invasion, Didn’t Bomb Hospital Either

Jen Psaki can pick up a few pointers from Sergei Lavrov. When people ask you about things you don't officially want to talk about,...

One of the Biggest Companies Out There Was Just Exposed for Helping Fund Terrorists

It's okay to fund terrorism as long as the liberals are doing it. One of the biggest of the big-tech giants has been funding...

Fox News Implicated in MASSIVE Scandal

Liberals over at the New Yorker have outed what appears to be a massive scandal at their conservative competitor Fox News, at least on...

Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow to Obama With Latest Ruling

Barry Soetoro may think he can get away with ignoring the laws but District Judge Andrew S. Hanen says he "overstepped his executive authority"...

Young Lady Fired from Her Job Over ‘inappropriate’ Outfit, HERE is What She Wore...

When they hired Caitlin Brenier at one of the Honda dealerships in Edmonton, Alberta, she was completely aware of the company's dress code and...
Turpin Family

Turpin Family House of Horrors: Victims Break Silence

The Turpin family had 13 children, but there is no question that they had a house of horrors, and it might take years of...
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Reeling, Dozens of Blue Origin Employees Sound Alarms

Well, it looks like Jeff Bezos is now in over his head, and dozens of his employees at Blue Origin are sounding the alarm....
What Terrorism Brings

This is What Terrorism Brings

This is what terrorism brings. That is the title of this piece, but it definitely rings true. Terrorism only cares about one thing: Terror. What...
Breaking Bad

Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’-Style Meth Lab Discovered

There's no question that "Breaking Bad" is a popular show, but a recent drug bust has revealed a real-life "Breaking Bad" meth lab... A man...