Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff Slapped with Ethics Complaint

He's going down!
FBI uncovered mail in ballots discarded

DOJ and FBI Just Uncovered Some of Our Worst Fears

The FBI and other federal investigators have uncovered a major issue when launching a probe into potential issues with the upcoming November election. Federal investigators...


Things are starting to close in on Obama officials and it now appears to be only a matter of time before several...
Report discusses Hunter Biden's corruption

It’s Going DOWN! Top GOP Members Expose Biden’s Corruption to the Core

The Senate Homeland Security Committee and Finance Committee have released an interim report on their months-long joint investigation into Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine. The...

Gunfire Erupts on Freeway, Shell Casings Everywhere

Gunfire from a rolling battle along a Fresno, California, freeway was taken in stride by liberal local officials as just another gang-related quarrel. A...

Biden Sinking Ship Campaign- Trump Hammers Final Nail in the Coffin

Biden Toast- President Donald Trump Says His Ukraine Phone Call Is An Issue For The Biden's The allies...

Tulsi Gabbard Breaks from Party, Makes Shocking Announcement

Former presidential candidate, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has made waves within her own party on multiple occasions and is declaring voter fraud a “serious threat.” As...
Senator Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Just Flipped

According to the left, Senator Lindsey Graham is flip flopping on his previous statements that he would not confirm a Supreme Court Justice in...

Rice Drops Bombshell in Favor of Trump

Ms Rice appeared on Friday night at the Texas Turbine Festival, and was peppered with questions about the server issue. Susan Rice was asked how often during the Obama Administration that practice was implemented. Rice very aware of the