Donald Trump Approval Rating

Post Impeachment, Trump Job Approval Rating Soars

HUGE news for Trump.
marie yovanovitch retires

She Finally Quit… It’s Over

She is finally gone!
donald Trump

Trump Makes Epic Move to Protect Our Country

Dems are going to be pissed!
Senate Impeachment Trial

Republicans Score Major Victory During Impeachment Trial

It's just about over now.
Justice Ruth Ginsburg

Ginsburg Slams Current State of Government as Dysfunctional

Harsh words... but is she right?
donald Trump

Trump Declares ‘Game Over’ After Videos Resurface

This should end it all!
Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul Erupts During Impeachment Trial

He is NOT happy with Justice Roberts at all...
Jay Sekulow

Ruling Issued on Bolton Book During Impeachment, Dems Furious

Dems won't like this one bit.
bernie Sanders

Sanders Soars, Biden Tanks in Latest Iowa Poll

Biden starting to fall WAY behind.