Trump Just Made Security Top Priority

The Trump Administration just sent 540 troops to help beef up security along the U.S.- Mexico border. This strong move protects the American people...

Trump Settles The Score With Late Night Hit Job

On Friday night, President Trump settled another political score by firing Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community Inspector General. It's the latest purge of the...
donald Trump

Trump Declares ‘Game Over’ After Videos Resurface

This should end it all!
AOC blasts coronavirus relief

AOC Just Proved How Dumb She Really Is

Alexandria Oxasio-Cortez makes noise and news every time she opens her mouth, but that doesn’t mean her words have value. Sometimes she gets the...
Joe Biden

Has the Coronavirus Crisis Made Joe Biden Irrelevant?

If there is a silver lining hiding somewhere in the coronavirus cloud, it’s that we’re seeing a lot less of Joe Biden. Quarantining himself at...