Joy Reid is an Idiot

Joy Reid Proves to Americans She is an Idiot

When it comes to the idiot left-wing media, there is no shortage of idiot tarts in their left-wing dessert shop. Of course, the one...
Illegal Immigrant

Illegal Alien Breaks Into Senior Living Facility, Does These Disgusting Acts to Elderly Woman

We've got illegal aliens committing crimes everywhere, and one even broke into a senior living facility, and you won't believe what he did! According to...
GOP Operatives

Two GOP Operatives Charged By DOJ

Two GOP operatives are now being charged by the Department of Justice due to the fact that they were attempting to bend the rules. It...

Misinformed By FSB, Putin Fires Bumbling Generals

Reports came in late last week that Vladimir Putin fired eight of his "top generals." Back in the good old days, Vlad would have...
Decades in Prison

Man Gets Decades in Prison for Murdering His Mother, Raping Her

Of all of the heinous crimes you can do, this one man actually got decades in prison for murdering his mother and sexually assaulting...
Blue State

Redistricting in Blue State Means Potential Uptick for Republicans

California is about as much a blue state as they come, but there is going to be some house cleaning going on that you...
Missing Woman

Missing Woman found 40 miles from Where She Had Last Been Seen, Her Story...

A missing woman was found 40 miles from where she was last seen, and you will be TOTALLY SHOCKED at the reason why this...
Called Taliban

Liberal Who called Taliban her ‘Brothers’ Loses Seat

American liberals go over the top, but guess what? It doesn't just happen in America. This liberal called Taliban "her brothers!" Apparently, conservative candidate Michelle...

Fox News Implicated in MASSIVE Scandal

Liberals over at the New Yorker have outed what appears to be a massive scandal at their conservative competitor Fox News, at least on...

Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow to Obama With Latest Ruling

Barry Soetoro may think he can get away with ignoring the laws but District Judge Andrew S. Hanen says he "overstepped his executive authority"...