Scam Alert: If You Receive a Text Message Like THIS, Do This immediately!

In a new dangerous scam, hackers are using text messaging to lure people to click on a link. Scam Uses Real Names The text uses recipients’...
Donald Trump Michigan

Protester Flips Off Trump, His Reaction is Priceless

This is perfect!
Starbucks employee who made "Blue Lives Matter" drink

Transgender Starbucks Employee Caught in Deadly Lethal Game That Will Take Police Lives

On TikTok, a transgender man posted a viral video in which he makes "specialty" drinks at Starbucks. The Blue Lives Matter drink provoked outrage...

BLM Chants ‘Death to America’, as Their Masks Come Off

The children of BLM darkness in both Kenosha and Oakland have simultaneously started chanting "Death to America," revealing a surprising new twist in the...
Pit to Hell: Giant crater found in Siberia

Pit to ‘Hell’ Rips Open, Video Footage Captures Rare Look

A crater has been found in Siberia, in a tundra which is normally one of the coldest places on Earth. The pit is made...
"Open season" on Trump officials? - Pam Keith

Democrat Calls for ‘Open Season’ on President Trump and Patriots

A Florida Democrat has been caught tweeting about the idea of an "open season" on Trump Administration officials and other prominent conservatives. Pam Keith, a...


Ask any emergency room attendant or doctor, and they will tell you all kinds of stories about the things that could happen on the...

The Masks Come Off: BLM Co-Founder Reveals What The REAL Agenda Is

Ask most casual political observers of American politics and they would tell you that Black Lives Matter is an organization that is only devoted...
Fireworks at the end of the RNC

Leftists go on Unhinged Bigoted Rants at Minority RNC Speakers

Vile attacks on Melania Trump, Tim Scott, and Madison Cawthorn lit up Twitter during and after the RNC. The 2020 Republican National Convention was filled...
NHL Breaking News

NHL Caves…Cancels Games Because of Jacob Blake

The NHL, which was the last bastion of true sport that hadn't been corrupted by political grandstanding, has finally fallen. When the NHL started back...