Fox News Jumps on the Democrat Band Wagon, Further Snubs Republican Voter Base


He’s a progressive Democrat socialist and he’s drunk on Nancy Pelosi’s Kool-Aid conspiracies. Bret Baier doesn’t even try to act conservative. The only reason conservative television viewers bother to tune Faux News in these days is for the few token conservative anchors remaining on the unfair and imbalanced propaganda mill.

Democrat fantasies fly

On Tuesday, July 27, Democrat talking head Bret Baier angered Faux News viewers by letting the liberal fantasies fly. Republicans and other conservative voters feel snubbed by the network. If it wasn’t for Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham they would have tuned out completely long ago.

Bair is upset with Republicans because they keep downplaying the barbarian invasion that was staged, possibly by the FBI and/or the Pentagon, “or have sought to discredit the congressional inquiry into what happened.”

That so called “inquiry” is a lot more like a self-serving Democrat witch hunt. It’s obvious political theater but progressives won’t admit it’s a sham.

As long as well groomed pundits on their TV screens keep telling liberals that those were honest Trump supporters, not hand picked followers of QAnon, the masses will continue to believe it. Poorly informed republicans are likely to believe it too, which is why Faux news allows such filth to go out across the airwaves.

He couldn’t actually back that up so Bair started to babble. What he said next is total gibberish with no semantic content at all. It doesn’t even make sense.

“While Republicans politically are saying that this is a partisan effort and that they charge that it’s not going to get to the questions that they think are important about January 6 — ‘Why were the Capitol Police so ill-prepared for what happened that day?’ ― you cannot watch this testimony and say that it’s not a big deal.” Actually, yes you can. No Democrat will ever admit that the Capitol Police were virtually ordered to stand down that day, indicating that the top dogs knew something was going to go down.

Emily Rainey and her friends

Nobody ever will get to the important questions of that day. Questions like why did Psychological Warfare Captain Emily Rainey bus 100 of her friends to the Capitol? What exactly were they up to?

No Democrat ever even heard that part of the story. They cover their ears with their hands whenever anyone mentions it.

Brett Bair is so woke he was moved to tears watching the testimony in front of the hand picked anti-trump mostly Democrat “House select committee.” He called what he was seeing “compelling, at times damning, emotional.” The viewers of Faux News have other words. Words like “bullsh*t.”

The big problem is that those offended viewers continue to watch. They’re attracted to the glowing dots on the screen like bugs to one of those fluorescent lights hanging on the porch. The fastest way to Make America Great Again would be for everyone to unplug the weapon off mass deception hanging on the wall.

Bair is miffed that his colleagues keep getting the ratings bonuses. “Prime-time Fox News commentators, such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, persistently push revisionist history about January 6,” he complains.

Last week, Carlson actually dared to insult “one of the officers ahead of his testimony Tuesday, dismissing him as a political activist.” That’s because Carlson is not a Democrat.