Judge Orders Halt to Big Brother’s Social Media Manipulation


Thanks to a federal judge, the Biden regime won’t be allowed to custom censor the voices of ordinary Americans on social media. Terry A. Doughty granted a temporary injunction until the whole thing gets sorted out in court. That could be a while. A longggg while. That means you don’t have to worry about being canceled for posting about who’s cocaine was found where in the White House.

Judge Doughty protects speech

Federal Judge Terry Doughty blocked Big Brother “from meeting and communicating with social media companies” to censor “protected speech.” Left-leaning Washington Post is shocked about the “extraordinary preliminary injunction.” They’re terrified because it “could have profound effects on the First Amendment.” Actually allowing free speech. That horrifies liberals.

They don’t like having to defend their arguments with real facts and figures from legitimate sources. This doesn’t just apply to Twitter, it’s Facebook and all the other social media sites, as well.

The injunction granted by Judge Doughty relates to a suit filed by the attorneys general of Louisiana and Missouri. They allege “that government officials went too far in their efforts to encourage social media companies to address posts that they worried could contribute to vaccine hesitancy during the pandemic or upend elections.” All their evidence was revealed by the Twitter Files.

When Elon Musk took over, he allowed independent journalists to research the internal communications and was shocked to learn things about his own company which the previous owners had been hiding from him. Things like Hillary Clinton fixer James Baker was on his payroll and had a chance to sniff everything that went out in the first tranche of Twitter Files. He wasn’t there much longer. Moments after Musk learned he was there, Baker was escorted from the building.

The judge, liberals scream, “could undo years of efforts to enhance coordination between the government and social media companies.” We know how they handled Twitter as basically an extension of the FBI. They did that to all the other platforms just as insidiously. “For more than a decade, the federal government has attempted to work with social media companies to address criminal activity, including child sexual abuse images and terrorism.

Then, it morphed into conservative speech, patriotism, nationalism and worst of all, “vaccine” hesitancy. They only grudgingly admit that the jab isn’t really a vaccine because it does not produce immunity of any sort, as a vaccine is meant to do. Instead, it’s an “experimental MRNA gene therapy.” It’s not meant to alter your genes, they claim as they shoot it into you. It’s meant to alter the genes of the next batch of COVID which incubates in you. Good Dr. Fauci liked to change the subject when that would come up. The powers that be used to be able to censor you for posting that little piece of true information. Not while the injunction’s in place.

coordination and communication

For at least five years now, the “coordination and communication between government officials” and social media platforms has been Orwellian. We know from what’s been exposed exactly how the federal bureaucracy “responded to rising election interference and voter suppression efforts” in an attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the 2016 Election.

Once we got hit with the Wuhan flu, things ramped up to a whole new level. The judge understands that completely and was firmly behind granting the injunction.

Every public health official at any level of the administration appears to have had access to a censorship reporting hot-line. It was their duty and pleasure to flag each and every dissenting comment they could find. First the comments were censored.

Those who continued to insist on posting controversial comments were silenced. President Donald Trump was “banned for life” from Twitter. Liberals are quaking. How can they control the narrative with unfettered free speech? They’re ready to have the judge removed but it’s too late for that.

The injunction is strikingly broad and clearly intended to chill any kind of contact between government actors and social media platforms,” explains assistant Stanford Law School professor Evelyn Douek.

Judge Doughty clearly handed conservatives a victory by reining in the “sprawling federal ‘Censorship Enterprise’” The lawsuit calls it “the most egregious violations of the First Amendment in the history of the United States of America.