Russians Tricked Biden Censors Into Flagging US State Dept.


Some Russian rats played a dirty trick on Joe Biden’s social media censors. Government thought police were so focused on removing any post which they found inconvenient that the FBI flagged the U.S. State Department.

Censors exploited by Russia

Russia carried off a major exploit by leveraging the vast network of censors devoted to removing conservative speech and the FBI got burned by it. The bureau, CNN reports, “participated in a flawed effort to stop Russian disinformation.” The initial complaint is what turned out to be the real disinformation. The Federal Bureau of Instigation got a note from “a Ukrainian intelligence agency that instead ensnared authentic American accounts.

Including “a verified Russian-language U.S. State Department account.” Oops. At least, someone at the involved platform was smart enough to catch it before that particular account was silenced.

A report released by the House Judiciary Committee slams the censors hard. “The report accuses the FBI of not properly vetting social media accounts that one of Ukraine’s main intelligence agencies, the SBU, flagged as spreading Russian disinformation.” It turns out the SBU was infiltrated by Russians.

They simply processed the requests without even looking at them. “Some of the accounts that the FBI passed on to Meta for review, according to the report, were actually criticizing Russia and its war on Ukraine.” They’re still laughing about it in the Kremlin.

The Judiciary Committee teamed up with the House weaponization subcommittee to draw on “information from a subset of subpoenas the committee sent to Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, in February as part of its investigation into whether the federal government played a role in censoring speech on social media platforms.

The censors had a vast network of contacts with practically every government staffer on one end and all the social media monitors from every platform on the other. The Twitter Files recently exposed how that worked for them, before Elon Musk took over and put a stop to it. The look on Jim Baker’s face must have been priceless as Twitter security turkey walked him out of the building.

Wray taking heat

FBI Director Christopher “I’d rather be fishing” Wray is being hauled in front of Congress and grilled for that very thing. He’s not expected to say anything of any real substance. He will do a lot of bobbing and weaving and do his best to explain why censors are so important to national security. He’s going to have a hard time convincing any Republicans. Democrats know that they’re on the wrong end of this one but the only thing they can do to defend against it is blame Donald Trump.

U.S. Attorneys tried real hard to come up with one good reason why the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals should stay the ruling of Judge Terry Doughty. That’s the one which pulled the plug on the entire censorship machine. The DOJ couldn’t come up with one. The best they can offer is that if free speech is allowed, Joe Biden won’t get elected. Not only that, Donald Trump will.

According to the committee report the SBU sent the FBI censors, “lists of various accounts” which allegedly “spread Russian disinformation,” were sent to the FBI. The bureau then “routinely relayed these lists to the relevant social media platforms, which distributed the information internally to their employees in charge of content moderation and enforcement.” There goes another conservative voice.

Posts weren’t censored based on the truth of what they said, which doesn’t matter anyway according to the Constitution. They were removed because they didn’t agree with the official government narrative.

That’s how Russians were able to get several accounts silenced and almost managed to get the State Department shut down. Nobody at the FBI bothered to actually read the complaint reports. The committee claims that the FBI and SBU, “flagged for social media companies the authentic accounts of Americans, including a verified U.S. State Department account and those belonging to American journalists.” They went so far as requesting “that those accounts be taken down.

The Biden regime ends up doing the bidding of Russia yet the blame Donald Trump for obstructing their attempt to frame him for doing the bidding of Russia, when he didn’t have anything to do with Russia. They FBI knew Hillary Clinton should be in jail for the frame job but instead, chose to help her break the law. Something is seriously wrong and Congressional Republicans are doing their level best to fix it. Just don’t expect the censors to let you talk about that on social media.