House Speaker Mike Johnson Drops Bombshell


Shortly after being elected as the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson made sure to get right to work. And he’s just set the record straight when it comes to the investigations into President Joe Biden.

Recently elected House Speaker Mike Johnson made it clear that investigations into President Joe Biden are not coming to an end. In response to a report by hard left publication Raw Story which claimed Republicans wanted to wind down the impeachment inquiry, Johnson stated in a Fox News digital interview “We have an ongoing cover-up of the important facts as Joseph Biden is sitting in the Oval Office” and “We know that he stared right into the camera as the president and lied repeatedly — I mean, multiple times — he lied directly multiple times about his involvement and knowledge of his son’s business dealings. We all know that now.”

Bank records revealed discrepancies amounting to approximately $5 million dollars, which is almost exactly what was reported by FBI informant who had close ties with Hunter Biden. Additionally, documents have shown that Joe Biden cannot account for paying for a Delaware home with $2.75 million in cash or a purported loan of $200,000 given to his brother James Biden.

These findings make it difficult to ignore any potential wrongdoing on behalf of the current president and provide further justification for continued investigation of this matter.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has declared his intentions of pursuing impeachment charges against President Joe Biden based on corruption claims that have been brought forth thus far during this process. This statement comes despite U.S Rep James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee noting “I don’t know that I want to hold any more hearings, to be honest with you.”

However, Comer still preferred depositions due their ability to “do more with”. It’s apparent from these statements that despite Republican reluctance towards further hearings there is still much support among party members for continuing investigation into possible wrongdoings committed by President Biden during his time as Vice President under Barack Obama’s administration.