Nascar Interview Turns Interesting After This Happens


During a Nascar interview, the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon was on full display yet again. When will it end? Probably never, considering how out of touch the Democrats are.

According to reports, the “F***k Joe Biden” chant is yet again gaining traction at recent sporting events, especially those Nascar races. This was especially true at Nascar’s Xfinity Series at the Talladega Speedway.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with the original story, there was an interview with Nascar race winner Brandon Brown after he had wrapped up his first victory of this series. It was immediately that Brown had gushed that it was his “dream come true” in the interview, but it was in the middle of it all that the fans were heard chanting the now-famous “F***k Joe Biden” mantra. And that was when the announcer, for whatever reason, thought that they were saying “Let’s Go Brandon” instead.

This NBC reporter did her level best to claim that it was the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” and not a phrase cursing out the current president, but it was very obvious to everyone there that the crowd was NOT uttering a message in support of Brandon Brown.

Nascar officials would ultimately call the race due to poor weather conditions and they would declare Brandon Brown the winner even though there were still five laps left. Ironically, he surpassed playoff driver Brandon Jones in that last scoring loop. Either way, the “Let’s Go, Brandon” phrase has spread like wildfire and has become a trendy way to slam Biden. Both of these chants have become a mainstay at many different sporting events, including not only Nascar races but also college football games.

Indeed, one of the places where the chant first appeared would have been at the Coastal Carolina-University of Kansas game on September 10th along with the Alabama State-Auburn Game, the Ole Miss-Austin Peay game, and the Virginia Tech game on September 11th. The chant also slowed up during the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Vieira Belfort boxing match.