Pro-Golfer Paige Spiranac Answers the Burning Question We’ve All Been Wondering…

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Stunning pro-golfer and influencer Paige Spiranac is talented in more ways than one. With nearly 4 million followers on her Instagram account, she certainly knows how to keep fans engaged.

And recently, during a Q&A session on her Instagram account, she addressed a question we’ve all been curious about.

Spiranac was asked whether she got “annoyed” with questions about whether her breasts were real. She gave an honest response that highlighted how people’s bodies can change over time, while also stressing the importance of understanding that the human body is “a magical thing.”

In September, Spiranac addressed some of the criticism she receives regarding what she chooses to wear when playing golf. It’s not easy for any athlete to make changes in their wardrobe from one sport to another and for many, financially it just isn’t possible either.

Spiranac explained that due to financial struggles at the time, she found herself wearing workout clothes when learning how to play golf despite knowing full well that this may rub people up the wrong way – which it did.

Spiranac made reference to Lucas Glover sweating through his clothes whilst playing during a PGA Tour event as something which should be taken into consideration by those who are undecided about appropriate attire in golfing circles. After all good sportsmanship involves dressing comfortably so as not to cause any distractions or hinder performance due to discomfort.

LIV golfers are allowed shorts during competitions and this is a step towards making sure players feel comfortable enough whilst playing their best game without worrying about public opinion on what they choose (or can afford) to wear.

Spiranac believes fashion is an important part of helping grow the game and helping push things in the right direction – especially when it comes to attire choices for athletes like her who want more than anything else just be able to perform at their optimum level without being distracted by clothing choices.