Haunting Find During School Remodel


About ten years ago, I walked back into the school I went to until I finished fifth grade.

It was a building that had been built in the 1920s and after being the high school for a time ended up becoming one of the elementary schools in my small town.

In the 1990s, a variety of factors caused the school district to close the school and consolidate all of the elementary students into one building instead of three.

So anyway, I am back in my old hometown on vacation and a buddy of mine that still lives there asks me if I want to join him for the day assessing some kind of repair work that they needed to do to the building to keep the county from tearing it down.

So I went into this building for the first time as a grown man and one thing I noticed aside from everything being smaller than I remembered, was how it seemed like aside from a little dust time had stood still in this school.

Everything was as it was on the last day the school was open in the mid 1990s. Desks were still in their spots. Even the computer lab still had the same computers.

Apparently, it would have cost too much to throw it all away, and there was nowhere else to store any of it.

Now, there are plenty of schools like this and some where a wing of the school was either boarded up and remodeled; but the original stuff from when the school opened is still there.

Take for instance the case of Emerson High School in Oklahoma City.

A crew was remodeling some of the classrooms and when they went to pull out some of the old wall they found something absolutely amazing.

They found several classrooms with blackboards that were perfectly preserved from 1917.

What I am assuming happened is that the kids going to school back then knew that they were going to be covering over the blackboards and decided to put in a little time capsule of sorts.

I have to say it is always pretty interesting seeing things like this. It just goes to show that you will find something interesting no matter where you look.