Watch What Happens When IDF Sets THIS Loose in Hamas Tunnel


The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) appears ready to use any tool necessary in its fight against terrorists. In fact, one of its most effective ones could arguably be trained dogs.

Recently released video footage of a dog wearing a military harness is going viral and reminds us that many Muslims consider dogs impure beasts.

In the 23-second clip, we get an almost “dog’s eye” view of what it looks like when one of these furry soldiers is on duty. In the video, we see the dog coursing through a tunnel before encountering someone and subduing them with protective gear on their arms.

It appears this was part of a training exercise as opposed to being used in combat situations – but it still goes to show that Israel is ready and willing to use their dogs for such purposes if needed.

It’s also important to note that Muslim clerics don’t have particularly favorable views towards dogs – so by utilizing them against terrorists, it’s seen as an extra poke in the eye from Israel. According to Islam Question & Answer, they state that any liquid excreted by the dog is considered impure, along with its saliva which according to Prophet Muhammad should be thrown away if licked by said animal (as reported by Muslim).

So there are certain regulations around keeping or coming into contact with them from Islamic standpoints – which makes this even more provocative for some terrorists who may use religion as justification for their actions against Israel.

Some Muslims have challenged this notion however – saying that while Hadiths may suggest such things about dogs being impure beasts, no such thing can be found in The Koran itself where instead there’s actually stories featuring faithful canine companions belonging to good believers (Surah 18).

There have even been reports from Australia’s ABC News that government agencies had become more aware of Muslim sensitivities when introducing drug or bomb sniffing dogs into air and sea ports due to potential backlash over religious beliefs regarding animals like canines.