Wheel of Fortune Sets Off Viewers With Shocking Puzzle, Take a Look

wheel of fortune
wheel of fortune

Viewers of the popular family show “Wheel of Fortune” were left absolutely stunned after the game show features a puzzle many felt was “kinky”. And while some found the puzzle to be humorous, others were outraged.

The iconic game show Wheel of Fortune left viewers in shock and disbelief after one puzzle seemed to allude to something “kinky”. The puzzling phrase, solved by contestant Adam Goodell, was a “before & after” combination of the phrases “Brushing up on my Italian” and “Italian sausage”.

This resulted in the phrase “Brushing up on my Italian sausage” which sent social media into a frenzy with many viewers finding it hilarious while others scolding the producers for going too far. These events have caused some to question if this is an issue of a “sick mind” or if the show has gone too far.

Wheel of Fortune is a popular game show which debuted in 1975. Contestants solve puzzles containing hidden phrases by guessing letters one at a time after spinning a prize wheel. It is considered to be an iconic family show and as such, some viewers were outraged when they thought that it had gone too far with its latest puzzle choice.

Many found the newly created phrase downright hilarious while other scolded the producers for going too far on an iconic family show. Some blamed it on an intern or Janice from accounting who must have put forward this inappropriate idea while others deemed it simply as ‘kinky’ without taking ownership for their own interpretation and reaction to the situation.

Additionally, other commenters suggested that this was due to people having sick minds rather than any problem with the program itself or its staff members who allowed such risque content through production lines without careful consideration for how it might be interpreted by young eyes who watch regularly with their families at home. This shines light onto deeper societal issues regarding interpretation and censorship within television entertainment programs targeted towards younger audiences as well as adults alike.