Alert: Potential Dangers Coming to Stores Across the Nation


This Michigan father quickly took out his phone to warn others about something incredibly concerning he noticed at his local Target store. He issued a massive alert about what could potentially be coming to stores all across America…and it’s something everyone should hear.

It has become increasingly clear that human trafficking rings are a growing problem in Michigan. Women and children have been disappearing at alarming rates, with dozens of reported cases each year. It isn’t just happening in Michigan either; the problem is widespread.

Recently, a man from Michigan shared his story to make others aware of this issue.

Nahar Ali posted a video to Facebook of a man who was not him, but rather someone close to him. This man’s wife and daughter had almost fallen victim to human traffickers while shopping at Target late one night. In an effort to spread awareness, he described the frightening experience his family went through when three cars suddenly surrounded them in the parking lot after they left the store together. He stated that this type of crime has become increasingly common for women and children shopping anywhere – grocery stores, department stores, etc – expressing his concern for their safety.

He also noted that Michigan was ranked number two among states for human trafficking cases – further proof that this is an issue people need to start talking about more seriously.


When it comes down to it, being vigilant and aware is what will help keep people safe – especially those who are most vulnerable like women and children out alone at night or even during the day time hours if possible predators are present as well.

The man shared tips such as avoiding going out alone at night if you can help it (especially if you’re female), bringing some form of self-defense such as pepper spray or a knife along with you if necessary, carrying a gun if allowed by law, watching out for one another and keeping your eyes peeled when leaving any public place like Target or Walmart late at night and lastly caring about those around us enough so we can stand together against this pressing issue instead of fighting over “the dumbest crap in this world” as he put it so accurately himself.