Conservatives Declare ‘American Pride Month,’ One Especially


July has always unofficially been “American Pride Month” and conservative lawmaker Wesley Hunt wants to make it official. Right leaning Americans agree that now is the time. Especially, after what the liberals shoved down everyone’s throat all the way through June.

A month of American Pride

Republican Texas lawmaker Wesley Hunt is firmly behind the effort to have July officially declared “American Pride Month.” Along with the resolution he introduced in the House, he’s carrying out a social media campaign to go with it. One which has already been in full swing on a spontaneous “grass roots” level.

Each and every day in July, the Houston based lawmaker “will be posting patriotic messages.

Now is a particularly good time to ramp up the patriotic pride and displays of love for Lady Liberty. That’s because she’s about to reach a milestone birthday of a quarter millennium in 2026.

Rightful President Donald Trump is pushing to make that whole year a spectacular celebration. For now, Rep Hunt will settle for the month of July.

In a statement, Congressman Hunt explains that he’s pushing for the “American Pride Month” specifically in response to “woke corporations” and Joe Biden’s regime celebrating June with an entire month of LGBTQI+ inspired drag shows to indoctrinate our children.

His ultimate goal is to “celebrate, memorialize, and increase awareness of the monumental achievements of the United States of America and the countless number of patriots throughout her history which [has] made this Nation the last best hope of earth.

Show the world how great we are

Hunt also relates that “he wants to impart lessons of American history and values to younger generations.” That’s important when students can name more genders than presidents. The things that they really can’t seem to cope with are reading and math.

By the time they get out of high school biology, the next generation of medical students will be walking cases of malpractice before they have a chance to actually start “practicing” so-called medicine on anyone. Someone needs to take a little pride in the nation, before it’s gone.

Congressman Hunt challenges the progressives to “fly Old Glory as high and as proudly in July, as they did the LGBTQ flag in June.” After all, it’s only fair. “Last month, the White House prominently displayed a rainbow-colored flag between two U.S. flags outside its entrance.” It was almost but not quite unconstitutional.

Just by chance, there happened to be a single American flag raised higher than the two rainbow pride flags flanking Old Glory in a display. The one on the main flagpole on top of the roof.

If the queers and groomers can get a month of their own, then conservatives insist July be made officially the month of full on nationalistic American Pride. The polls may say that patriotism is waning but they are very carefully not asking the patriots. That’s why Hunt is planning to bring the Stars and Stripes out to the forefront and raise awareness.

Now is the time for every conservative American to call their representatives and give them an earful of your opinion on the subject. Once you’re good and warmed up from that, call both of your senators and demand the same thing. If enough pressure lands on Democrat phone lines, you can bet their “centrist” DINOs will come out of extinction and back the American Pride bill.