Woman Gets MASSIVE Boob Job For Boyfriend, Fails To Realize ONE Little Thing


When it comes to breast implants, thousands of women every year regret the decision and opt for a reduction in size.

This can be a complicated procedure however, as Ilana—a woman who had surgery to please her boyfriend—found out when she sought help from surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif on the TV show “Botched”.

When examining Ilana’s breasts, Dr. Dubrow noticed dilated blood vessels indicating tissue injury and damage.

He also noted that her skin was extremely peely which is an indication of underlying pressure, tension, and generalized tissue trauma.

As a result he concluded that removing the implants would require a lifting procedure as well as reducing the areola and breast envelope in order to provide Ilana with relief from her discomfort.

However, this would be an extraordinarily risky procedure so instead Dr. Dubrow proposed something he had only done once or twice before in his entire career: stabbing her breasts with a needle!

He explained that it would allow him to suck out fluid from the implant while allowing soft tissue to retract thus avoiding multiple surgeries with their associated risks of anesthesia and complications from the operation itself.

Understandably reluctant at first Ilana eventually agreed to this solution after being assured by Dr. DuBrow of its potential success rate.

Ilana is one among many women who have experienced regrets about having undergone breast enlargement surgery.

According to Fox News over 24,000 women underwent such reductions in 2014 alone.

It’s important for people considering any kind of plastic surgery procedure to do their research beforehand and understand all potential risks involved before committing themselves fully into such life changing decisions.