Armed Black Militia Demands U.S. Give Them The Great State of Texas

A large group of heavily armed and "uppity" angry "Black Militia" members tried to pick a fight with the rednecks in Atlanta, Georgia on...
Metro PCS Shooting

Armed Marine ‘Wrong Store Motherf***er’ BANG BANG [VIDEO]

Good guy with a gun wins again!

Video: Sheriff Calls Out BLM for What They Really Are, Then Goes a Step...

Darryl Daniels, the no-nonsense sheriff of Clay County, Florida, tells Black Lives Matter anarchists to think twice before they try any of their "lawlessness"...

Muslims Home Raided By Agents…What They Discover Sends Chills Down Their Spines

The Muslim Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the rest of the North American continent from within. While your liberal friends might laugh...

Video: Backseat Sex Tape Blows U.N. Corruption WIDE OPEN

The United Nations has been known for its negligence, corruption and continuous questionable judgments. New Sex Scandal Rocks the U.N. The latest scandal the international body...
wild animals

White Teen Raped By Obama’s Thugs, Corpse Fed to Wild Animals

When it comes to the controversial group Black Lives Matter, isn't it about time that we call a spade a spade? This activist (read:...

FBI Just Handed Out Warrants for SEVERAL Corrupt Swamp Rats

The FBI handed arrest warrants to a pack of rats nesting in the swamps of Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday and they're still chasing a...
muslim lawmaker

Freshman Muslim Dem Lawmaker CHARGED! Facing Jail Time

Another day, another Democrat busted, this time a Muslim lawmaker. Like most of the other times, this was yet another occasion where they were caught...

BLM: We are Done Being Peaceful

In Madison, Wisconsin, black anarchists are "done being peaceful." That slogan sounds a lot like the one being thrown around by the extreme far-right...

Fox Hosts BLM Leader, What He Says Should Be a Warning for All Americans

A Black Lives Matter leader declared on Wednesday that if the United States does not cooperate with their agenda, then the BLM movement would...