KARMA ALERT: Dumbass Lights Police Car On Fire…Then He Gets LIT


Some dumbass got a capital letter dose of KARMA as he realized he accidentally lit himself on fire just to make a political statement. Whoever torched the unmarked police car in the parking lot of the Supreme Court wasn’t very smart. He’s in custody at the hospital but still in critical condition so hasn’t been saying a whole lot. Witnesses saw someone else running away and it isn’t clear if a second suspect is on the loose.

Fire engulfed the vehicle

Right around 1:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Capitol Hill in Washington was rocked by explosions. One congressional staffer, enjoying a lunch break with friends on the lawn of the Capitol “witnessed the fire and response, recounted hearing a series of loud bangs and saw flames licking the underside of the car, before the fire engulfed the vehicle,” PoliceOne reports. “A second later, the whole thing was literally a fireball.”

Videos quickly appeared on Twitter. At 2 p.m., government staffers “received by email an initial Capitol Police alert to avoid the area.” It didn’t take long for police and fire units to arrive but the liberal snowflakes “were still unnerved as the car burned and explosive bangs rang out.” It seems they aren’t as thrilled with anarchy as they claim. “It was on fire and periodically exploding to the point where we got a little nervous.”

The anonymous staffer thought about making a run for it but decided to stick around in case a statement “would be helpful.” As firefighters battled the blaze, “explosions continued.” The fire was so intense that “an adjacent car, also belonging to the Supreme Court Police, suffered damage too. Needless to say, the initial car “was completely burned.”

A mysterious running man

Supreme Court Police diligently took statements from several on-scene witnesses to the fire, “including a woman who said she saw a man drop something through the car window and then take off running.” Other witnesses confirmed a running man but also were quick to point out that “they weren’t sure if the man who ran was running because he was involved or out of fear.” One witness states, “I heard someone shriek and run away right after the fireball caught my eye. I saw a flash but unfortunately didn’t see enough to be able to identify them. They police we gave a statement to did say they had a white man in custody who was burned.”

Police guarantee that the man who poured the “accelerant” and flicked his Bic wasn’t running anywhere. “The individual suffered burns in the process. He was taken into custody by Supreme Court Police and was transported by ambulance for treatment of his injuries,” Kathy Arberg, public information officer for the court, relates. The staffer recalled “clearly hearing the Supreme Court Police say there was a man on the ground, badly burned, who they thought had poured gasoline on the car and set it on fire.”

The arsonist’s motives are totally unknown and it’s not clear which side of the political spectrum he represents. All that the public knows for sure is that “police were seen treating someone at the scene and that ‘the person was placed in an ambulance and had been covered in silver burn blankets after being stripped of their clothes.'”


    • Boy, you are harsh! Wow!

      Do you not realize that the vast majority of SHEEPle would must rather spend a huge amount of their Extorted Tax Dollars for the Police Work involved to ‘Catch Him & take him to the Hospital & pay for his Medical Bills”. Then We the SHEEPle will begin OUR SENTENCE by paying for his EVERYTHING for many years to come!

      Why would We the SHEEPle decide to do this for the CrimeScumBag? How Seriously Silly We the SHEEPle have digressed too!

      Amazing, isn’t it!

    • In addition, EVERYTHING he owns should be sold to replace the police vehicle & clean-up the burned area!


  1. If this is a politically motivated crime, then the little Social Justice Bomber just pulled off the worst fail imaginable. The RNC, The Trump Campaign, et.al. would be remiss if they don’t keep this wound open until elections day. Here’s why; If this little acolyte of Socialism survives, he is in for a world of torture at the burn unit. He probably does not have medical insurance, but will have to be treated in a Burn Unit and receive many scrubbings in a tank of Clorox and water, with stiff nylon brushes to get the cooked skin off. He will need many skin grafts. The level of Morphine needed to kill the pain would cause an overdose, so he is probably on Fentanyl or completely anethesized. One hopes he only got a flash burn and the damage is relatively shallow, like a wicked sunburn. Some lose their nose, ears, lips, eyelids and hair. Then, there are the FEDERAL Prosecuted who are going to put you in a Supermax Prison because you are a domestic Terrorist.
    For What? Who is responsible for twisting this person into a little idealogical criminal, a violent anarchist? This must be pushed back into the lap of Pantyfa and Burn, Loot and Murder and answers demanded, as in a public service message. Maybe some of their ranks will question their leadership or defect if they can be shown that they are cheap tools to be cast aside when broken. All of Soros’ money can’t put your skin back on, or buy you enough legal power to get out of prison, if he even knows you exist.

  2. Good. I’ve no sympathy for the arsonist. I’d prefer he croaks and saves the taxpayer’s the money prosecuting and housing the Dumbass!

  3. Set a police car on fire (for whatever reason) is a crime. You need to be indicted and sent to jail for a minimum of 15 years (without early release). If the police car had an occupant you should be indicted for murder with premeditation and sentenced to 30 years(no early release). Your case should be made public through media (tv, radio, internet etc.) so that any potential copycat candidate be made aware of what’s in store for them. You will see an immediate decrease in crimes of arson, rioting, sedition and criminal activity.


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