Police Officer Releases Hilarious Video Explaining How to Handle Criminals


An NYPD police officer films a hilarious video depicting the insane new training methods in place to deal with criminals. While the video is done in humor, the subject matter of police not being able to defend themselves is a disturbing truth becoming more apparent.

The Officer Jokes About Insane Leftist Agendas

The officer starts sarcastically saying he’s been studying the tactical videos he has been required to watch.

He jokingly changes his voice to imitate a tactical trainer wittily and says, “When approaching the suspect, make sure you are in a comfortable body state.”

He then shows his relaxed body state, which is him posing with his arm behind his head in an exaggerated manner.

“Make sure a firearm is not facing the subject; you do not want to scare them,” he continued.

The officer then humorously describes how fellow police are being taught to handle criminals gently.

“Hello sir, you are under arrest. No what? Maybe we are just detaining you; we’re not sure. Yes, we understand that you just shot at those people over there and that you’re not holding the firearm, so that’s fine. But you did strike two of them, so what we are going to need you to do is lie down on the ground.”

Criminals Now Make the Rules

He then jokes that he and his partner will approach the theoretical criminal and gently touch his shoulder. He then tells the imaginary criminal that they will use several different handcuffs so that the suspect can keep his arms in whatever position he wants.

“But you need to lay down on the ground,” the office continues.

He then pretends to talk into the radio and says we need the mats, which makes the criminal more comfortable as he lies on the ground.

“Oh, the ground is too hard? Don’t worry, we have the mats coming to you,” the officer tells the pretend criminal.

“So anyway, you may not be under arrest. I’m not sure. I have a supervisor coming who is going to supervise me and he’ll be supervised by a supervisor who is supervised by a supervisor. And we are all going to sit here and watch you tell us what to do,” the cop continues to tell the suspect.

Police Officer Face Leftist Threats

While this video was done humorously, the message it gives is a sad tale of the current state, our police officers are being treated.

As calls for defunding police departments gain traction in the wake of George Floyd’s death, law enforcement officers face the dilemma of defending themselves from violent criminals and facing the possibility of being arrested themselves for doing so.

Approximately 64% of Americans oppose defunding the police, according to an ABC poll released on June 12.

“If they want to improve the police departments — and so do we — then recruit the best people,” Veteran officer Dennis Slocumb said. Banning the police is like a “scene out of a Blade Runner movie or something,” he added.

“If you don’t want the police to be in your neighborhood, then you better get used to the crooks being there,” Slocumb continued. “We want to solve the problem of police officers misbehaving as much as anyone.”

With so much tension currently infiltrating society, the officer’s witty and light-hearted video was a nice change of pace.


  1. Kid, when your butt is on the line, call an American Indian. That trainer needs some instructions from a little old lady who’s armed heavily, hairbrush and attitude. If she can’t fix the problem, her sons and grandsons will. niio, walk in beauty

  2. Hope he stays safe because he could always be a comic because he is funny. Sad to be in his shoes though. God protect him.

  3. Did I read that right? 64% of Americans do not want to defundpolice? So 36% of Americans do and are capable of totally defending themselves, their homes and their families? Unbelievable!!

  4. The sad thing here is that’s what are officers are training to do and say now with our p***y ass leaders in certain towns, very sad, but this officer is very funny. Awesome job

  5. It is time to move to Florida where you can own a gun and be protected to shoot intruders inside your house. I read a recent incident where three black criminals broke in a house unknowingly that the owner was inside the house watching TV with his guns by his side. Two criminals shot dead and injured the third one who tried to escape but the good neighbor stopped and called 911. I am so glad the owner was ready to protect himself. We should be all ready for intruders.


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