Sheriff Blows Whistle on Sketchy Situation…Then Liberals Go Ape Sh*t


Sheriff Dave Mahoney wanted the citizens who’s safety he is responsible for to know that three violent criminals were walking around loose, simply because they were black. No good deed goes unpunished, or so the cynical saying goes. Too often, it’s sadly true, like this time. The sketchy situation got out of hand in Dane County, Wisconsin, when liberals went ape shape over his “bail doxxing” behavior.

Sheriff acts in the interest of his community

Liberals hate law and order. Progressives in Wisconsin came unglued when Sheriff Dave Mahoney dared to announce that “three Black inmates at the Dane County Jail had posted bond and been released.” It’s not supposed to be a big deal but it is. An inmate, activists whine, “is presumed innocent.” That means “posting bail is usually not a newsworthy event.” It is this time.

According to Madison365, Sheriff Mahoney “said he felt it important to announce these releases because their bail was posted by Free the 350 Bail Fund.” The fund was created specifically to “prioritize bailing out Black people.” That is, until they can “end the unjust and antiquated prison and jail system in general.”

Only non-violent criminals are supposed to qualify for the program but the fund shelled out $133,500 in total for the three men charged with “first-degree intentional homicide, armed robbery and burglary.” To aid the public in identifying the alleged criminals, the sheriff included their mug shots in his press release.

The community should know who’s released

In an emailed statement, Sheriff Mahoney relates that it isn’t the first time his office has announced prisoner releases and promises to do it again “if in the best interest of the community.” Liberals can scream all they want.

“‘Free The 350’ has and continues to accuse the criminal justice system of denying to release ‘non-violent’ individuals on low bail from jail. Well the community should know who they are contributing dollars to for bail and who is getting released.”

Even his supervisors are on the Sheriff’s case. “Apparently the Sheriff’s Office is unfamiliar with the fundamental legal principle of presumption of innocence and the constitutional right to bail,” snubs County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner on Facebook. That poor killer would have been forced to sit in jail with the armed robbers and the burglars, simply because they were black. Even though white people don’t qualify for bail money courtesy of evil Dark Lord George Soros she does “not recall a DCSO press release regarding a bail release for any White people lately.”


  1. Well if Joe hairy legs Biden get in, we are going to be in deep crap . Well first thing behind every crazy man there is the most derange group of leftist.

  2. Good for you sheriff. I, for one, thank you for doing your job of trying to protect the citizens from the criminals, thugs & savages that walk free among us. Hopefully, all three will mess with the wrong people while out on bail & get their collective rear ends shot off, ending the necessity of trials.

  3. The day is going to come when the police will not respond to calls from the black community which wants to be separate from everyone else. We the people are getting fed up with the blatant reverse racism happening today from Burn Loot and Murder, their asinine demands are going to bring more problems to blacks who don’t want to “Step and Fetch” for the insane Marxists talking a high pile of manure.

  4. Thank you Sheriff Mahoney. The patriotic citizens have had about all we can handle of this Obama/Soros.DNC black lives matter only crap.

  5. Just when you think the delusional democrats can’t get any stupider …. they come through again . I used to think the delusional democrats were the sane ones but boy was I wrong . Wake up stupid people. .. see the light at the end of the tunnel . The delusional democrats are not your friend . I hope these criminals they let out of jail just cause their black don’t come to your house and attack you or your kids cause your white . Even tho it would be fitting since you vote for the delusional democrats . And you already know how they work . May your family be safe from these criminals let lose cause their black . The delusional democrats don’t seem to care about you , only your white vote


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