greta thunberg covid summit climate change

George Soros Puppet Child Greta Thunberg Lurks Out From Under Rock to Make Announcement

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has said she will not attend the high-profile United Nations climate change summit if current vaccination trends continue. Greta Thunberg...
Saggy-Pants Thug Attacks Elderly Gentleman, Gets Knocked Out Hard

Saggy-Pants Thug Attacks Elderly Gentleman, Gets Knocked Out Hard [Video]

A shocking video of a thug attempting to attack an elderly gentleman has been circulating online, as viewers are both surprised and happy to...

ANTIFA Fugitive Confronts Federal Agents, Then They Light His A** Up

Antifa can no longer deny their connection to the violence in Portland. One of their soldiers actually thought he was qualified to battle it...

Hall of Famer BUSTED in Major Embezzlement Sting

Hall of Famer BUSTED in Major Embezzlement Sting National Football League Hall of Famer Brett Farve was busted in a major embezzlement sting in Mississippi...

Muslims Home Raided By Agents…What They Discover Sends Chills Down Their Spines

The Muslim Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the rest of the North American continent from within. While your liberal friends might laugh...

14 Dems Break Ranks, Side With GOP

At least a few of today's progressives aren't afraid to agree with the other side when they're right, instead of mindlessly standing shoulder-to-shoulder in...

Rioters Targeting Residences and Women

Rumors of "targeted" attacks by rioters against "residences and women in our community" had the inhabitants of Scottsdale, Arizona, anxiously on edge Sunday night....
trump raffensperger phone call recorded

Raffensperger Adviser Attempts to Peddle Reasons Why They Tapped the Phone Call

A lawyer for President Donald Trump slammed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for secretly recording a telephone call with the president, describing their...
John Kerry flight no mask

Climate Activist Dealt Dose of Karma After Video Goes VIRAL

White House climate envoy John Kerry is firing back against accusations of liberal hypocrisy after photos of him flying with a mask dangling from...
Harvey Weinstein

Outrage Ensues After Harvey Weinstein Verdict Announced

The verdict is finally in...