Chilling [Video] Colorado Man Dumps Woman’s Body Into a Dumpster After He Stuffed Her...

A grainy video of a man driving up to a dumpster by a car wash went viral. The video shows the man opening the trunk of a car on Friday morning. He took something out and
Metro PCS Shooting

Armed Marine ‘Wrong Store Motherf***er’ BANG BANG [VIDEO]

Good guy with a gun wins again!

Ed Buck-MAJOR Democratic Donor ‘Dangerous Predator’ Caught Running Drug Den in CA

A major contributor to Democratic candidates including Hilary Clinton was arrested after a public outcry. Buck,65, was arrested at his West Hollywood, CA apartment, for operating a drug den, and physically injecting men with drugs
proud boys trial

Trump Supporters Jailed in Biased Ruling

Earlier this week, two Trump supporters received a sentence of four years in jail for what many believe was self-defense.
triple homicide

Quiet AirBnB Weekend Turns To Triple Homicide Bloodbath

Triple Homicide :Telvin Biles-Thomas Was Arrested For Three Counts Of Murder Late Thursday. The brother of Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles,22

Cuba Gooding Jr Facing Career Ending Allegations

Gooding,51, appeared in a Manhattan criminal court, to be told that he is facing a new charge. The 'People Vs. O.J. Simpson' star appeared glum looking as he

Man Accused of Brutally Murdering His Daughter After She Exposes His Decade Long Disgustingly...

Through the investigation, several family and friends say McMullen was a very controlling father. McMullen called 911 and said his daughter was playing with a gun, and
Veteran Defends Home

61-year-old Veteran Armed with AR15 Shoots, Kills Thugs Trying to Rob Him

A good guy with a gun wins again!