Alvin Bragg
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg just bagged himself another bad guy.

This time, it is a former NYPD Sergeant.

The officer got into a brawl with a prisoner, and guess who went after him?

Lock Him Up

Former NYPD Sergeant Adrian DeJesus reportedly exchanged words with a prisoner.

Things became heated, and DeJesus did the big no-no and entered the cell to teach the prisoner a lesson.

DeJesus ended up being brought up on charges over the incident, and it did not help that he had another case against him for playing games with some paperwork.

After a plea deal was reached, Bragg released a statement.

He said, “Members of the NYPD work hard day and night to keep us safe, and they must make quick and difficult decisions every day.

“In an instance where misconduct does occur, we must follow the facts to ensure the law is upheld and help build stronger law enforcement and community relations.”

DeJesus pleaded guilty to official misconduct, falsifying business records, and attempted assault.

I just wish Bragg went after the real bad guys as aggressively as he goes against cops, victims, and Good Samaritans.