Fox News Star Arrested!


It has been reported that the former Fox News Chief National Correspondent, Ed Henry, was arrested in mid-June on charges of driving under the influence.

On June 20th at 8:00pm, Henry was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy after a flat tire on his Cadillac Escalade forced him to drive dangerously down the road.

The deputy noted that he had an odor of alcohol on his breath, glassy and bloodshot eyes, and an unsteady gait with slightly slurred speech.

When asked about drinking earlier in the day, Henry admitted to having two bourbons between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm near Singer Island.

He failed the sobriety test due to being unable to perform certain tasks such as walking in a straight line and balancing on one leg. His breathalyzer test came out just below the legal limit of .08.

Following his arrest, he refused to answer any questions from law enforcement but his lawyer stated that they are confident Henry will defeat all charges.

Henry was fired from Fox News back in July 2020 due to an alleged “willful sexual misconduct” incident that occurred three years prior in 2017.

This incident involved Jennifer Eckhert who accused him of rape during the summer of 2020 which lead to Henry’s termination from Fox News shortly thereafter.

Before this incident there were no reports or complaints against Ed Henry during his time working at Fox News which lasted for 10 years starting in 2011 when he joined as its first White House correspondent before rising up through its ranks over time..

Ed Henry is currently facing both a criminal charge for driving under the influence and allegations of sexual misconduct brought forward by Jennifer Eckhert, which have caused quite a stir lately among news outlets across America and even abroad.

It will be interesting to see how these issues play out in court with different outcomes potentially having far reaching implications if found guilty or innocent respectively because it is important that justice is served fairly regardless of one’s occupation or social status within society today.