Uniformed Cops Denied Meal At Restaurant — Bartender Gets In Huge Trouble


It’s becoming more and more common to hear stories of police officers being discriminated against in businesses across the country.

Recently, two police officers from Las Vegas found out first-hand the kind of treatment they can expect when they walked into The Lodge at Cactus, a bar and grill open late.

When the uniformed officers approached the bar, the bartender quickly shook his head “no” and motioned his fingers across his neck as if to say “stop”.

When asked if they could take their seats, he replied that they were no longer served there.

At first, it was thought that this was a joke but soon it became clear that he meant it seriously, leaving them with no choice but to quietly leave the premises.

The incident was reported on social media where Officer Aden Ocampo-Gomez confirmed that this had taken place.

He further commented on how businesses have a right to refuse service to anyone while still expressing surprise at what had happened.

Management then reached out to the police department and apologized for what had occurred, explaining that immediate action had been taken against the bartender who faced suspension or even termination for his action.

A photo was later shared online showing several officers smiling with a member of management from The Lodge at Cactus which reiterated their support for law enforcement personnel.

The police union accepted The Lodge at Cactus’ apology as an isolated incident but other businesses have since stepped up in response.

Distill & Remedy’s is offering free meals between midnight and 8am for all uniformed personnel who order there in light of such anti-law enforcement sentiment being expressed elsewhere.

The actions of one ignorant employee does not reflect those of an entire organization or establishment – especially when swift action is taken by management upon learning about what took place – yet discrimination against law enforcement personnel has become worryingly acceptable in today’s society which makes incidents such as these all too common an occurrence nowadays.