Armed Black Militia Demands U.S. Give Them The Great State of Texas


A large group of heavily armed and “uppity” angry “Black Militia” members tried to pick a fight with the rednecks in Atlanta, Georgia on the Fourth of July. Just give them Texas and they’ll go away, they extort. Instead of sparking Helter Skelter, the rednecks showed restraint by recognizing the agitators’ First and Second Amendment rights to freedom of speech and to bear arms as long as they remained “peacefully assembled.” There goes the “systemic racism in America” argument.

Armed Black Militia demands Texas

The self-described leader of the “Not F*cking Around Coalition,” Grand Master Jay, marched his assault rifle armed unit right into the the very heart of Ku Klux Klan territory, Stone Mountain, hoping to get the fizzling race war going in earnest. If this didn’t start Helter Skelter, what would? It didn’t. What it did do is show all of America exactly what’s at stake.

NFAC wants a “new black nation” of their own. They aren’t greedy, Jay asserts, they’ll be happy with Texas. A number of video clips show the armed insanity in living color. “The solution is very simple,” the anarchist with a rap artist name declared. “We file a declaration of liberation, declaring every African-American descendant of slavery a political prisoner here in the United States.” Since when do prisoners run around armed? He specifically wants his ethno-state to right the wrongs done by the “Portuguese slave trade.” The Irish slave trade and the sugar plantation slaves are on their own.

His armed banditos give the United States a choice. “either carve us a piece of land out here — we’ll take Texas — and let us do our own thing,” Grand Master Jay suggests, or, “don’t stop us when we exit this body here and go somewhere where they will give us our own land to build our own nation.”

Done being peaceful

Armed and dangerous NFAC is done being peaceful. That’s the latest George Soros funded slogan for the far left. “We don’t want to talk no more, we don’t want to negotiate.” Nope. “We don’t want to sing songs, we don’t bring signs to a gunfight. We’re an eye for an eye organization.”

As Bizpacreview writes, “Members of the heavily armed black militia marched on Stone Mountain Park, near Atlanta, on the 4th of July to call for the removal of a giant Confederate rock carving at the site.” Like that’s going to happen. Not only was Stone Mountain a favorite Klan gathering place, it’s “seen as racist by the left,” simply because it “includes carvings of Confederate figures Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.

The rednecks surrounding Stone Mountain were expected to “become unreasonable” in response. It didn’t happen. The rednecks remained perfectly calm and reasonable, in the face of obvious provocation. Despite Jay’s claim that “they’re all ex-military, are disciplined and are expert shooters,” the rednecks snicker that some of the armed so-called “professionals” don’t even know how to hold their weapons.

Armed against non-existent “systemic racism”

The hardcore racists in Georgia proved the whole “systemic racism” argument a lie. We just watched a huge group of heavily armed black men obeying gun laws. Their peaceful protest went along as scheduled “without interference.” Grand Master Jay wasn’t expecting that. He got on his bullhorn and started taunting the “rednecks” to “battle it out.”

“Threat, counter-threat — because threats don’t mean sh*t to us,” he said. “Y’all been threatening us since Birmingham, I ain’t seen sh*t.” Nobody batted an eye. “I don’t see no white militia. So to the boogie boys, the Three Percenters, and all the rest of these scared-ass rednecks, we here! Where the f*ck you at? We in your house. Let’s go. NFAC, motherf*ckers!” More crickets. The armed militia members looked relieved.

Later he was shown on another clip asserting the police “work for the KKK,” and that “bankers in America are the KKK,” as are “most white people.” Across America, everyone started weighing in on the armed threat to Texas. “Texas? I think there’s a few of us ‘rednecks’ that will oppose that,” one posted. “He really did say give us Texas or we’ll leave.” The rednecks are still laughing over that one. “Since when does the government stop someone from leaving?”


  1. Hey, N.F.A.C; I have nothing against you until you get violent.
    When you get violent there will be an armed response. When that response comes you will find out exactly how badly you are outnumbered.
    You should not be bothering with Stone Mountain and statues, etc., Instead you should take you weapons and aggression down to DNC headquarters, where your real enemies live.

  2. IF THEY want to come to Texas and are willing to let us Texans already here, no matter the percentage of melanin in our skin, stay here and EVERYONE maintains the peace then I’m not going to object to new neighbors to trade recipes with. BUT IF they want to get all rowdy and try to shove their way around just because of a deeper suntan then there are going to be problems.

    • Arizona here and we agree 100% with you, Janet, and others saying the same. We all DO NOT MIND “New Neighbors”, the more the merrier! ? BUT, when ya start gettin pushy, or rowdy and start harassing us and/or our neighbors in the community, ???? we take exception to that and WILL meet “rowdy with rowdy in kind” … we are a peaceful people just living within our ‘constitutional rights’ ☺and don’t like others interrupting, blockin our way, or taking away those rights! So we can either “Welcome you” @ that door or “help you find your way back through it” where you came from! ???

  3. These MORONS/IDIOTS should leave the USA and move back to the CONGO where they can get their heritage back!!!!

  4. Another group that have no clue, Go to Texas and take it. At least you will be enacting the ALAMO with a whole lot of different players. I think you better take your fight to Africa, they were the first to enslave you and then sold you and even were the first to have slaves here. Black on Black slaves and Black on Black killings. Not even all that smart, with those types of demands and being armed you just made all of you a terrorist group, and unless you have an Air Force, Full military pack up your folks and get out of dodge. They pulled out the National Guard for some dumbass protestors, I can’t imagine what they will bring out for you guys.

  5. Black Lives Matter punks better not confuse the people of Texas with the wooses in Georgia. If they travel to Texas, they need to bring their own body bags.

  6. “Master Jay” is criminally delusional, insane; A psychopath.
    How did he get a firearm??
    Veterans would KNOW what they’re up against. I am…and I do.
    Uh? Grunts carry their own body bags. Everybody knows that.

  7. After I finished laughing ? at the demand for Texas. (My home state). I noticed they did not have the real nerve to GO to Texas and try and demand this from Texans ! Probably because the know the answer……..?????????

    NOT ! When it’s a cold day in hell.

  8. Understand this you black trash and anarchists! You are outnumbered, outgunned, and public opinion is not on your side! No matter your claims about your group, should you move to violence, you will be hunted down, shot down, and all members of your group, and your families, will pay the ultimate price! White American Patriots and veterans will terminate you with lethal bias! And the law will not protect you! Should you decide to ignite a race war, you will be the first hunted down and killed! Furthermore, your violent actions WILL NOT ignite other law abiding decent black Americans to follow or condone your actions! The weight of the US military, American militias, and all LEAs will fall on you!

    • Old Fur Trapper – I gotta agree with you! And, the part your comment I’ve shown below ::
      ” … Furthermore, your violent actions WILL NOT ignite other law abiding decent black Americans to follow or condone your actions! The weight of the US military, American militias, and all LEAs will fall on you! ”
      is more true than they will EVER know! Those who are doing ‘this type’ of protesting seem to be following a playbook of sorts because of their “demands” and how they present em to look… I think we can all figure out their next move? lol ???


  10. But they already have an all-Black country of their own, just waiting for them. It’s called Liberia. I suggest that all American Blacks who are “fed up” with the USA get on a boat and go there. Better still: let’s round up every BLM rioter in the country, send them to Liberia, and don’t let them come back.

  11. I believe you need to keep your black rears out of Texas because we won’t tolerate you acts of violence here. We are Texas and will remain to be Texas and we do know how to protect ourselves.

  12. A bunch like that has to have a “puppetmaster” pulling the strings. Chances are that it is Obama/Soros and the DNC. I would recommend that if they want Texas for themselves, They just need to march into Austin and politely explain why they are there. I’m sure a bunch of Texans will explain it all to them.

  13. Yeah go to Texas and tell them you’re taking the state and it will be the Alamo all over again. Pick a nice building we can look at for your last stand. It won’t take nearly as long as the real Alamo stand since most of your people don’t have any idea how to take care of yourselves.

  14. They want Texas? Bwahahahaha! I think Texans will have something to say about that. If they can’t have TX they will leave the US? Great! One African nation is already coaxing them home. Less trouble here. I am not a racist, but they certainly fit the bill perfectly. Please leave, and don’t let that door hit your posterior on the way out. JMO

  15. Militia?? THIS is NOT a Militia. Militias form to destroy tyrants.
    These punks formed to squeeze whatever they could loot, rob or steal for themselves. They’re just another minotity gang! Crips. Bloods. Black Gorilla Family. BLM. Black Panthers. Yawn. Same ‘ol criminal, hateful racist BS….
    Militia = good.
    Mugger-looter- thieves = bad.

  16. I don’t hear anyone standing up for the real slave trade that is going on today. The sex slaves. Russian girls Chinese and Japanese girls and kidnapped girls from America into Mexico. This is gong on as we speak if these groups were truly concerned with oppression. Why not stop the slave trade that is going on now. Just my opinion.

  17. Oh WOW! These Malcolm X Militias are really under the demonic direction of Lord Malcolm X and Huey Newton from hell below to form their own Nation. It will be called the Socialist State of New Liberia for black only. They will run this nation state under a military dictatorship like Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe. These leaders will oppress their own people under abject poverty, starvation and mass murders just like in Chicongo and South Sudan. Perhaps they can have a co-leader like Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to help mediate in their public affairs. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obuma, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ALL show go here to live under these terrorist militias.

  18. For all their saying how armed they are and how well trained they are … it’s sad they aren’t smart enough to know the drones will take them out real fast . How about you try for land in Mexico . They still remember the Alamo . Texans won’t go down easy but you will … courtesy of the red , white and blue .

  19. These people are crazed individuals, who want to set Race relations back, at least 100 YEARS ! Are they all on drugs, or some other kind of mind altering stuff ? Of COURSE, we are NOT going to give them Texas, or any other State, and the fact that they are making demands like that , shows these people are all NOT in their right minds !

  20. I really wonder about people like them, they might represent or claim to represent 13% of the population, but how many of the 13% want to give those morons the beat down of their lives? How many of them have common sense to know that if “We the people” get pissed off enough what will happen to that 13% .
    So to Burn Loot and Murder, bring it on and see what happens after the people take care of business.

  21. So now these domestic terrorists want their own land and if they don’t get it, they’ll play “soldiers” and shoot their way to their own land of opportunity…Good luck with that fellas…Stop playing Mr. Tough Guy, put your weapons back in their cases, and get on with your lives…Do something constructive in your neighborhoods, clear out all the gangs, be a school crossing guard, help out at a community center…There are a million ways to help yourselves as well as others….How about this fellas, would you rather die playing tough guy, or maybe helping some child who needs mentoring by someone with a good soul ?

  22. Grand Master Jerk is proof “you can’t fix stupid”. And, as for his threat of ” Give us Texas or we will leave”? Good riddance Master Jerk. What a buffoon!

  23. What I guess the N.F.A.C. forgets that Texas has a great many military folk, and they know how to use guns too, just in case you think bullying your way to get a ‘state’ such as Texas…that ain’t gonna happen…so go peddle your wares in Connecticut, or one of the other democrat-socialist states that will most likely roll out the red carpet for you, and then roll-over and play dead.

    • Man, I wish they had a “LIKE” option here for comments, coz there’s SO MANY good comments in here, including this one of course lol But I’d be hittin it like crazy lol ?

  24. You know, even though you try to give them a free “true history lesson”, they will either :
    1) say that’s not true, it’s a lie, -or-
    2) just totally ignore it and keep spewing their own hate-filled rhetoric, still trying to incite trouble with it. They can use a bit of history lessons, especially in “their own” history!

  25. I just want to say everything you did was peaceful and respected. However don’t durn arm civilians against you. That would be a mistake after all the 2nd Amendment has no color. So why don’t you work together with other groups. Please don’t say you have 2nd Amendment rights and then make mention of gun fight. That is childish

  26. 100% born and raised Texas redneck. All I can say, if you got balls bring it on. Make sure you give your family a goodbye kiss cause you may not make it home. We’re waiting little boys ???

  27. You gun toting pussywillows can S.hip H.igh I.n T.ransit and fall in it backward. Where are you yokels from anyway, the Middle East? We have a directive for you!: Buck you, fuddy, you ain’t so mucking fuch. Why don’t you get in your own jackyard and back off?

  28. Hahahahahahahaha!!! MAN, are they asking for the wrong state! If they want it, come take it from us. They think THEY have a militia??? The guy next door to the last house I lived in had an underground bunker, with God only knows what kind of stuff. They need to choose a wimpy state to take, like California or Oregon.

  29. Bring it on mother fuc#ers, you don’t want to mess with Texas, they don’t play with fools like NFAC, Texas will kill all your asses.

  30. I thought Texas people were tough. The pastor of the church I attended here in WA state is from Texas and he brought a whole crew up here with him. He talked tough and we all believed him. Since all this covid garbage happened he and his crew showed just how big of wimps they really are. Appalachians are much braver and stronger. That’s why they needed Davey Crockett at the Alamo. If he and his Tennessee group wasn’t there it would have fallen in 2 hours. Texas is all talk. It even seems to be turning more liberal by the day.


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