Violence in Portland Rages on, Then the Federal Agents Find Something Disturbing


Reinforcements in the form of “several dozen” additional federal officers are about to hit the streets of Portland, Oregon, to take the offensive and stem the violence. The urban landscape surrounding the city’s federal courthouse has been a nightly battleground, with liberal groups “organizing and supplying” professionally planned riots.

Two months of violence

So far, Sunday night was the worst episode of violence in over 60 days of nonstop nonsense. As the burning and looting raged, “Portland police officers reportedly found a bag, potentially left for rioters, containing improvised explosive devices and several loaded rifle magazines,” ABC grudgingly reports. The demonstrations are supposed to be totally peaceful.

Coincidentally, “the discovery came just hours after two people were arrested following reports that a shot was fired in the same park.” Someone with a gunshot injury showed up later at the ER on their own. “Officers did not explicitly say whether the weapons or the shooting incident were connected” to the riots and violence. No, someone just left them there for the heck of it.

The violence has gotten so far out of control that “dozens of federal officers in Portland and Seattle, Washington, have been injured by rioters.” In Portland specifically, “at least three federal agents, protecting the Portland courthouse, are now believed to be ‘permanently blinded’ after protesters used high-powered lasers in clashes with CBP.”

Time to start shooting back

According to the White House, on top of that, “A federal agent’s hand was impaled by planted nails,” while yet another federal agent “was shot with a pellet gun, leaving a wound deep to the bone.” With this level of violence, it’s time for the police to start shooting back, some say. They might be right. The area’s left-leaning public radio station has been anxiously warning that “officers are looking to move beyond non-lethal forms of crowd control,” but nobody is willing to officially acknowledge that so it might just be more divisive propaganda.

Every day, the anarchist children of darkness come out to play, taunting the federal agents who they know are there to protect the premises. The elite unit of Customs and Border Patrol agents is there to provide at least a small degree of law and order, and put an end to the violence. The courthouse has been attacked daily for weeks, as part of the regularly scheduled Black Lives Matter riots.

During the day, the innocently brainwashed progressives wander around and wave their signs in what are generally peaceful demonstrations, when the sun dips below the horizon, Antifa-aligned minions of Darth Soros take over and the violence begins. They soon start “setting fires, tossing incendiary devices, and staging attacks on the chain-link fence surrounding and protecting the federal property.”

As one reporter embedded in the federal courthouse describes a typical night of violence, “I watched as injured officers were hauled inside. In one case, the commercial firework came over so fast the officer didn’t have time to respond. It burned through his sleeves & he had bloody gashes on both forearms. Another had a concussion from being hit in the head w/ a mortar.”


      • Actually all that is unnecessary, a shotgun with bird pellets works great, it is hard to miss the target and will clear an area is short order. Shoot into the crowd and see how fast they start running. These people are cowards and criminals. Treat them as such. If you kill a few of them, no matter. What is the difference between them throwing bricks and shooting fireworks at the police or the police start shooting a little bird shot into the crowd. It really hurts going in and hurts coming out. They won’t return to that area again. You will know where they got shot at the emergency room and they can be arrested there.

    • I realize your comment was in jest, but something like that is exactly what the Mob Organizers pray the President will do. Anything they do and it will get worse is simply trying to get Trump to do something stupid which they can use against him in the election. Best to hang tough until after the election and then have the President hit the mob with an iron fist.

    • The CrimeScumBags will shoot back! Pray for OUR once-blessed America; OUR President, and our Veterans. Thanks

      Remember: this is your day; go out and make it happen. Be a blessing to someone.

  1. President send an Army Psy Ops team in with vehicle with mounted microwave component on top, this is non evasive but it do work just fine!

  2. If it’s a war the spawn of Satan (Soros) want, give ’em a war! In my day the word “war” meant bullets firing in both directions. It’s time for the Law and Order troops to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy. If heads are cracked and bones are broken, the spoiled rioters will get the message. A few bullet wounds will work even better. Question: how is it that Soros is still alive and walking around free? He should have been hung decades ago.

    • I have been told that George Soros has been dead for months but that the fact is covered up. In the final end, I do not think that it matters because what he would do could and would be done by others taking his place were he burning in the hot place.


    There Was a Time in this Great Land
    You Could Voice an Opinion, Take a Stand
    That Right Is Eroding in this Great Nation
    Mob Rule, Fear, Violence and Intimidation
    Have Silenced Most Opposition to Mob Rule
    Fear of Retaliation Is the Mobs Sinister Tool

    A Word Disliked by the Rampaging Horde
    Will Bring Swift Reprisal, Mental Discord
    Attacked at Home, at Work, or at the Park
    The Light of Liberty Suddenly Turns Dark
    The Leaders We Expect to Represent Our Care
    Absent, Cowardly Afraid, We: in Total Despair

    Civilized Society Cannot Condone Destruction
    No Excuse Is Acceptable for Feral Dysfunction
    It Will Take True Courage to Offer Resistance
    To Dispel and Destroy Chaotic Disobedience
    Individuals Have No Chance Against the Horde
    But Banded as One in Mutual Respect and Accord

    They Will Persist in Calming the Confusions
    Deflating the Forces of Dangerous Illusions
    Serenity Is Not Gained by Unlimited Prayer
    But by Recognizing Perils, Staying Aware
    Threats to Society to Be Challenged Post Haste
    If Not, Life, Liberty and Happiness; Laid to Waste

  4. Whatever damage these CrimeScumBags do has nothing whatsoever to do with George Floyd! Whatever damage they cause, leave it there. If these Critters want to live there, until THEY raise the money, labor, & material to repair, (EVERYTHING necessary), to fix & repair or they can live with it the way it is without any of our tax monies!

      • My friends and I definitely BELIEVE the same thing. George Soros & the Democratic Party knew they had to do something BIG. Because all of them knew Joe Biden could NOT beat Donald Trump in November. Even Biden’s personal Doctor says he has serious problems with his mind. And this COVID-19 is DEFINITELY being used to keep the MAJORITY of people in OUR country either on complete lockdown or close to it. The Democratic Party thinks having the majority of us under the government’s watchful EYE right now will make it easier for them to gain TOTAL CONTROL over us IF/ & that’s a BIG IF in case Sleepy Joe Biden wins. But they UNDERESTIMATE “WE THE PATRIOTS” in a HUGE way. We will ALL get out and vote IN PERSON in Nov. And as for the FRAUD that has already begun with their mail in ballots??? THE GOOD LORD WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL THAT. Because we Christians know for a FACT that prayers TRULY work. ✝️✝️✝️

  5. I feel sorry for the honest citizens of Seattle and Portland. They are nuts and they probably voted for the screwballs now running the cities and states. That said, there probably aren’t enough of the honest version of citizen to out vote the anarchists, antifa and Black Lives Matter anyway. This leaves them the only two choices of learning to tolerate misbehavior on the part of a significant number of citizens or to leave the states. There is one additional choice, which is not very favorable-that is for each of the honest citizens to take up arms and stop it themselves and when they have done it to kick all of the “leaders” to the curb. Allowing the leaders to live is optional.

  6. Remember that back in the 1930’s the N.A.Z.I.’s pulled the crap we see today from the “Brown Shirts” to get people to vote for Hitler. What we see today are Socialists/Marxists “Antifa and BLM utilizing the same tactics to try to get people not to vote for President Trump.

  7. How many people and police have to be hurt or even killed befor we take the delusional democrats and their terrorists out of the equation . When is enough , enough ??? I say it’s time to start shooting them . Show them what a real trained army can do . They don’t have any justification for what their doing , so why let them continue with their BS . Fight fire with fire . Take them down hard and watch this crap stop real fast . As long as the delusional democrats are in control of these citys this continues . One must first Stop them , then their pet terrorists will fall . Their not doing their jobs by protecking the city’s and people their in charge of . So fire them and replace them with real Americans not traitors to our country . We can’t depend on the people in their states to do the right thing by voting them out of office . Trump needs to show he’s the right man to run our country another 4 years . He needs to step up his game and stop this BS befor the elections . Show the world who the man is . That’s why we voted him in office to begin with . Not to play the delusional democrats retarded games . Stop giving them ground to stand on . Thats how you take the power back from your enemy . You are the president of the USA … time to act like it and step on the delusional democrats necks . And fire any that try to fight back . Always remember … YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA . Dropping the mic ” BANG “

  8. They tried that shit here in north Idaho. We, the citizens, didn’t give them a chance. They tugged tail and ran. Now if only the people of libtard states had the same rights as we do. They gave up there rights by voting libtard.

  9. If anyone recalls an old Charlton Heston film where he is a futuristic cop in a post apocoloptic city they had a way to deal with rioters . ” Send in The Scoops ” big Armored garbage trucks equipped with front end loaders . Scoop’em up dump’em in the trash container take’em to jail .

  10. It is well past the point to shoot back. That should have happened the instant anything was thrown at the police or Federal agents, thrown at a window be that of a car or a building, the flicker of a flame was seen. The Federal agents and police should have open fire with extreme lethal force and survivors given a mercy shot to the base of the skull with a shotgun to ensure they are dead. This should happen to all those COWARDLY THUGS and TERRORISTS RIOTING every where in America.

  11. Definately time to shoot back. Put an end to this nonsense once and for all. Let the citizens of Portland finally have some peace. These antifa and BLM thugs all need to be rounded up and thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. Preferably to GITMO!

  12. Remember many many years ago with Mexico? There was a big riot in Mexico and the Govt. got tired of it and brought out the machine guns and mow the protester down.
    They had no more riots for many years.

  13. I`m very tired of all the information on what these greasy cork suckers have done. It`s obvious someone has backed the takedown of the USA? What of Soros how about Christopher Steele these people are still smiling in photo opps? There is a generation of deadbeats that seem to think they are above work. It`s time to die.

  14. What puzzles me, is the fact, that they haven’t brought out the water cannons. every other country uses water cannons when their people riot. Just drive your water cannon up to the rioters and open up, just keep sweeping the nozzle until they are all washed away. Problem solved.

  15. Gee isn’t the left the one’s screaming about climate change, well I am sure burning toxic plastics for the last 7 weeks isn’t helping not one bit where is that little actor from Britain yelling how dare you at the rest of her party!

  16. Now some still stirring a pot which majority of Americans think does not need stirring, and resent Federal Persons being sent to Portland. knowing it just increased the problem instead of slowing it down, and at the same time Federal Persons violated their mandate by chasing persons down the street. now they were sent there under a mandate to protect Federal Property, but were seen on video more than a mile away from the Federal Court House they were sent there to protect, just harassing protesters, again against the Federal mandate that sent them there.

  17. In real life, not the liberal version, these people would of been fire upon the moment they threw rocks, frozen bottles of water, fire works, Molotov Cocktails, and fired guns at law officers and it should be done now. No one should have their lives placed in danger so rabid animals can destroy property or attack them. Every person has a right to use lethal force to defend themselves from violent thugs. If you want to act like a rabid animal you need to be treated like one so start putting these vermin down and save Americans the cost of cleaning up their messes and housing them in prison. They can’t behave like a human being so they should not be treated like a human being and by their removing the rights of the law enforces and citizens of these cities they have effectively said they have no right either. After all, equality means equal treatment and if they are dealt with as they are dealing they will soon learn a lesson in real equality.

  18. What ever happened to the fire truck water hoses like the 60’s. It worked and folks were not killed plus it would put the fires out (use that as reason for it). Or all officers inside with mask on and FLY a crop duster over the rioters with tear gas (make it strong). No throwing it back this way and it can be done on a larger scale. Cover the entire down town area forcing them to go greater distance for relief. They would not be expecting that and cause chaos in their plan as they disperse. Another words, over whelm them. Use drones to get better pictures of them for evidence. Time to step up the game. Start using OVERHEAD out of their reach. Infiltrate the groups to find out who is dropping off stuff to them. Also legally go after SOROS (cut the head off the snake) and take him out for trying to over throw America. He publicly states it every chance he can.

  19. It is past time to end this. It was wrong to let it get this far…we can’t change the past but we can start today to end this lawlessness. Everyone has chosen sides….so be it.

  20. Odd that the nazi party is trying to burn down the federal courthouse. That would be a federal offense so the court might not just let them go.


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