Violence and Chaos ERUPT, Descend Upon Virginia Leaving Total Destruction

Protesters on the barricades, seen through the lights of fire built. Euromaidan Protests. Events of Jan 21, 2014

Violent riots have swept through the United States and Virginia saw a contentious scenario on Saturday.

Riots Take Over Richmond

What initially began as a somewhat peaceful protest soon turned into a riot as anarchists made their way to a police station in Richmond.

“Last night, Richmond’s long-held streak of peaceful protest ended,” Richmond Police Department Chief Gerald M. Smith said during a press conference. “To begin, the event last night we had a feel for that something was amiss for about a week before that.”

“A flyer and different versions of a particular flyer were going around the city of Richmond that we believe originated outside the City of Richmond and anyone who saw that flyer or read that flyer could clearly feel its tone,” Smith continued. “Its tone was to have intimidation and fear to the community and that was a cry and a rally to Monroe Park last week anywhere between 8:30 and 9 o’clock in which individuals, several hundred individuals did.”

Started Off Peaceful But Soon Devolved

The demonstrators held a peaceful protest, according to Smith, until they came to the police station, which is where things turned ugly, the Daily Wire reports.

“These individuals, once they got to the police department, became very aggressive verbally towards the officers who were there,” Smith said. “That quickly escalated to throwing of bricks, batteries, rocks at officers – officers who had to protect themselves with shields. And I will give them great praise for their patience in that arena.”


“A disbursal order was given, the officers continued to take the rocks, the bricks, and the batteries being thrown at them for quite some time. That continued on,” Smith continued. “It was beyond the point that we could have taken action. When we were forced to action was when the individuals in this crowd, and I’m just going to be blunt, these rioters in the crowd, the rioters [inaudible] this crowd set a dump truck on fire there at police headquarters, which became an entirely different situation.”

Fire Department Takes on Riots

The fire department came on the scene to try and deal with the arson fires but was also attacked by the mob increasing the riots.

However, the fire officials did not have protective equipment such as shields like the police officers did, nor did they have the training to deal with violent situations.

To make matters more complicated, the fire department chief said they were contending with several fires started by the rioters.

“If that fire [in the dump truck] was not put out, we may have had a mass casualty incident if those tanks had exploded,” Smith later added.

Eventually, law enforcement chased them off, but the rioters continued to set fires to dumpsters.


  1. This isn’t representative of Americans but a faction paid for by George Soros and the Democratic Party! These people don’t want to go back to work if they ever had a job. It is beyond time for George Soros to be arrested. There are statutes against those who hire insurgents, who hire to destroy our nation with insurrection. The prison term for something as arrogant, destructive, and violent to both police and the general public warrants a long sentence. Those who are heavily masked are the foot soldiers for George Soros and the Dems. If you cannot control this,then SHOOT THE MUTHER F**KERS!

    • Put some dye in the large tankers and spray these no good people. Then you will know who to arrest. Spray our good for nothing George Soros paid insurgents. Make these assholes clean up our town and put them in jail. Try them as adults!!!!! Americans need to fight back against these socialist Democrats. we will be living like the communist countries !!!!!

  2. Track the money, arrest *everybody* involved in funding the rioters, and go after the rioters with stun-weapons. Enough stunners can put a whole crowd to sleep in short order. While they’re snoring, cuff them and cart them off to jail; let them wake up in the cells facing charges — with video evidence.

    • Even those in a political party who is supporting the crap with a ” Get out of Jail money” but verbal support or deniers as well like AOC ,Talbia,Omar,Pressly, or Biden, Pelosi , Nadler

  3. It is all about the election from both sides. Things will change after the election. How I know not. The good thing with the behaviour is that it is making the Demo’rat scum look like what they are . Their desperation has blown what cover they had.

  4. The Police Chief is the one who needs to be held accountable. Sounds like he sat back on his rear end, did not adequately prepare for a worst case scenario and then it was sprung on him. Poor leadership at best and gross negligence at it’s worst.

  5. The police chief is an ass kisser for the mayor. So, when the traitor mayor tells him to stand down, the chief says “how low”? And thusly both are derelict in their duty to American citizens, but are shining stars to the communist new world order. Who pays their bonuses, eh ?? Gangsta Soros and his moneyed minions ?

  6. Give then one warning and if they don’t back off, “light them up” and don’t use rubber bullets, drop a few dozen of them where they stand and watch how fast the rest of them run back under the front porch.


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