BREAKING: Insider Exposes Violent Plot at Capitol Building, Staff on High Alert


Bullet holes and graffiti already adorn the walls of Colorado’s State Capitol building in Denver but the real riot isn’t due to start until Friday. One insider relates that “staff has been told to stay away.” Denver police are on high security alert as windows are being hastily re-boarded to prepare for the attack. Anarchists associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter are cooking up what could turn into a violent onslaught.

Colorado State Capitol prepares for a siege

The children of darkness are about to descend on Denver, Colorado, according to an alert bulletin the State’s Department of Public Safety issued Thursday afternoon. Officials advise they are “expecting a large protest on 7/24/2020 (Friday) on the West steps of the State Capitol.” They issued instructions for everyone to “please avoid the area beginning 3:00 PM.”

Signs of impending chaos at the Capitol were already obvious on Thursday afternoon as the anarchists in the “Democrat-controlled area” getting a little restless. CDPS warned citizens, “There is police activity at 14th and Broadway. Please avoid the area. CSP is on scene, and monitoring.”

The staffer described to the press that there has been a notable change in the area surrounding the Capitol since the beginning of the year. She calls it “the de-evolution of the Centennial State’s capital city.” In order to get to her office every day she’s forced to pass through “homeless camps” that “blanket the surrounding parks.” Everywhere are “grotesque” snippets of graffiti and bullet holes riddle the walls between the boarded windows.

Terrorizing Denver for months

Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock have been working closely with Denver’s Chief of Police Paul Pazen to stand up to Antifa and BLM, but they’ve been virtually powerless to stop the vandalism and violence. They may hand the Capitol over to the mob like they do with police stations in places like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, or Chicago. Even the recent pro-police Back the Blue rally was disrupted. Armed anarchists attacked conservative Michelle Malkin with the whole thing going out on livestream.

The police didn’t raise a finger to stop the anti-conservative illegal assaults. They’re too busy harassing people who aren’t wearing a mask. The police chief himself actually called anyone who doesn’t wear one a “selfish bastard.” According to the Capitol staffer, “when it comes to mobs of thugs beating innocent Americans in his state, his silence is deafening.”


The best idea the chief of police could come up with, to provide law and order as the citizens expect, is to stop serving alcohol at 10:00 p.m. As long as you buy your booze before the riot, you should be just fine. What he’ll do about the expected looting and vandalism is a different story.


  1. AOC and Bernie have spent the past 2 yrs calling for a revolution all to get the dems in office and enact her new green deal which will destroy our country. These 2 fools should have been locked up immediately calling themselves democrat socialists from the start and that should have raised a red flag immediately. These 2 started this so called revolution around the country paid for by george soros and now we have an entirely new black group emulating the black panthers, in full military weapon gear, out of Atlanta telling us they are going to burn our country down and remake it they way they want it. Did I miss anything?????

    They are going state by state destroying and rioting and looting and they need to be stopped. This is not a protest and the George Floyd death is over and its beyond time that our cops and federal agents arrest all of these thugs and throw their asses in prison because this is well beyond peaceful protesting. Americas sit and watch this on their TVs at night and ask the same thing, when are they going to be arrested and locked up for federal charges.

  2. As a lifelong Coloradoan, I’ve always felt that Denver is a shitehole, now it really is one. Between former Governor Lickshispooper, and current Governor Pole(up his)ass, they’re turning this State into a branch office of Commiefornia.
    I’ve said for years, you couldn’t pay me enough to live in Denver, or its Liberal Hell satellite cities, and once again I’m vindicated in that belief.
    Too bad Southern Colorado can’t secede from North Colorado. That’s what really needs to happen!

  3. I guess all Democrats are weak. Bullet holes in the capital and Colorado’s governor and mayor can’t figure out a way to stop it. The “peaceful demonstrators” have painted graffiti over every square inch of the capital building, broken out widows (some of which were 150 years old), bullet holes in the building and windows and doors boarded up. Right now, the terrorists are in charge of government in Colorado. The Democrats were pretty clever in naming a communist terror group Black Lives Matter, which inoculates the terrorists from any criticism (because they’re black, you know). I know that the Democrats are using this uprising as their only chance to win the November elections, but it would be interesting to know how far these weak kneed governors and mayors will allow the thugs to go before they’ve seen enough.

  4. Instead of boards in the windows they should be putting 50 Caliber machine guns and Vulcan cannons there to mow down these COWARDS.


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