Former Top Obama Official Just Got Indicted

Barack Obama
Photo Courtesy of Department of Interior via Creative Commons License

The administration that never had a scandal just got hit with a doozy.

Charles Edwards, who served as Obama’s Acting Department of Homeland Security Inspector General, just got indicted.

Corrupt Officials

Edwards served as Obama’s acting IG for the DHS from 2011 to 2013.

His duties in that role were to root out government corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse.

As it turns out, Edwards was the one trying to steal government secrets.

Along with this former assistant, Murali Yamazula Venkata, Edwards has been charged with conspiracy to commit theft of government property, theft of government property, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

Additionally, Venkata has been charged with destroying records.

The report on Justice.Gov stated:

“According to the allegations in the indictment, from October 2014 to April 2017, Edwards, Venkata, and others executed a scheme to defraud the U.S. government by stealing confidential and proprietary software from DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), along with sensitive government databases containing personal identifying information (PII) of DHS and USPS employees, so that Edwards’s company, Delta Business Solutions, could later sell an enhanced version of DHS-OIG’s software to the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Agriculture at a profit.  Although Edwards had left DHS-OIG in December 2013, he continued to leverage his relationship with Venkata and other DHS-OIG employees to steal the software and the sensitive government databases.

“The indictment further alleges that, in addition to stealing DHS-OIG’s software and the sensitive government databases, Venkata and others also assisted Edwards by reconfiguring his laptop so that he could properly upload the stolen software and databases, provided troubleshooting support whenever Edwards required it, and helped him build a testing server at his residence with the stolen software and databases, which contained PII.  As further part of the alleged scheme, Edwards retained software developers in India for the purpose of developing his commercial alternative of DHS-OIG’s software.

“The indictment is the result of an ongoing investigation by DHS-OIG and USPS-OIG and is being prosecuted by Trial Attorney Victor R. Salgado of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney David B. Kent of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.”

So, immediately after leaving the administration, Edwards appeared to have exploited his contacts within the agency to defraud the United States government, as this scheme went on immediately after he left the Obama administration.

Will This Hurt Joe?

Joe Biden has become very fond of saying his administration never had a whisper of a scandal.

Well, I would say a former official trying to steal government property and using it to steal identities is a pretty big scandal.

How could this have possibly gone on for more than two years in the administration unrecognized?

This may be one of those questions we need to take to Biden personally because we know the mainstream media will never touch him on it.

But, based on how Joe is doing these days, he may not ever remember who Edwards is.


  1. Another corrupt DEMOCRAT, an Obama administrator. I’m shocked! Just shocked I tell you!
    Aren’t you just shocked?!?

    Why don’t they just search for the Democrats who are NOT corrupt! It would cut their searching up to 90%!

      • Was this not true? why do you moderate, you want to delete my post? you should be ashamed of yourself. These arent my words these were obamas own words to Bill OReilly! But, YOU will NEVER SILENCE me! No matter how much you dont want to listen or read the truth.. Im laughing. What an UNSERIOUS outlet this is.

  2. The public is getting very tired of hearing dribs and drabs of information from the Durham “probe”, but no real action being taken! The glaring, blatant crimes of the Obama/Democrat scoundrels are as plain as day, going all the way up to Obama himself. If just a few no-name functionaries get indictments and end up serving some jail time, that’s not going to be “justice”. The whole gang of Obama administration miscreants should be rounded up, convicted, and be hung from every lamppost in WDC as an object lesson to other Deep State holdovers and Dumbocrat traitors of what swift justice looks like! “Draining the Swamp” will have to involve hundreds or maybe thousands of treasonous shitbags before the public can feel that justice has been served.

    • Someone needs to grow a set of balls and vett barry soetoro, the biggest fraud ever brought upon any nation in the history of mankind and take all down that put that Kenyan born POS in America’s highest office for 8 illegal years. Do your job that you are paid to do you bunch of retards

  3. Barr now says he won’t be doing anything involving Durham’s investigation until after the election, meaning that no matter who wins, President Trump or Biden, the “investigation” will either slip quietly away or never be talked about again. Why can’t Durham’s investigation involve something ending through charges before the election. Why are we so afraid of the democrats to do something against these guilty people before the election, to show the public President Trump has been right all along instead of making it look like there really was nothing going on and President Trump has been lying. Boy, a cousin robbed a store during the day, of course, he was arrested, charged, appeared in court, went to trial and despite a first arrest this was done all in six months and spent three years in jail. So, I know the law doesn’t care what the public or relatives think or feel but it seems like republicans do something and they end up in jail faster than my cousin. Oh, cousin is out now, went to college while in jail and, thank God, when he got out was able to get a job in another state that he can support his now wife and three kids okay on. He makes sure he attends church to keep himself going, the jail time was that traumatic, unlike, it doesn’t seem to bother democrats at all about the fact that they by a long shot might end up paying for what they did.


  4. Never a whisper of scandal? Maybe so because Fast and Furious was more like a scream of scandal screaming out to heaven for vengeance. Hell, the whole Obama regime was a scandal.

  5. Biden, as a lead member of Obama’s team, was a criminal himself and lies repeatedly to help cover up all the bad things they did in the eight years in office. He has helped steal from the government and sold their influence all over the world. Hillary, Kerry, and all the rest of that band of crooks.

  6. I do believe that the problem is this. Everyone has got there hands in each other`s pockets. So they don`t say anything in fear someone will rat them out. Get rid of all of them and start over. Heres another brainiac idea for you Washington D.C. We need to be more careful of what we hire for politicians.

    • A good start is to make voter I.D. a national law and require paper ballots along with the computers ( which can be hacked very easily)( have the ballots printed when you complete your vote to verify and you deposit the paper in ballot box) then use the time between November to January 20th to verify the paper ballots to the computer ballots.


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