Trump Assassination Threat Made, FBI Has Suspect in Custody, Media Blackout

Chauncy Lump
Photo via Fox OANN YouTube Video Screenshot

Democrats and the mainstream media have been slamming Trump over the death of General Soleimani as well as blaming him for the downed Ukrainian passenger jet that was shot down by Iran.

Well, as Dems like to say, words matter, and their words have inspired a Florida man to threaten the life of our president.

Legitimate Threat

Last week, Florida security guard Chauncy Lump allegedly threatened to kill Donald Trump. 

The 26-year-old Florida man made a live Facebook video, wearing Islamic gear and toting an AK-47.

In his video, he stated, “he killed my leader and I have to kill him.”

Due to the severe nature of the threat, and the fact that Trump was only about an hour away from Lump’s location (Trump was at Mar-a-Lago at the time of the threat), Secret Service took the threat very seriously.

Lump was apprehended and is being held with a bond of $100,000 for his threat.

Of course, after he was caught, Lump told authorities that he was just joking.

Media Blackout

If this is the first you are hearing about this threat, even though it is almost a week old at this point, you are not alone.

I found the story after scouring alt-media websites.

At first, I thought perhaps it was fake news or a prank but low and behold, two local outlets had printed the story.

The only relatively mainstream outlets that I found at the time were the Review Journal in Florida and KTLA’s website, another Florida outlet.

Now, can you imagine if a threat like this had happened against Obama? It would have been all over the mainstream media for days.

Instead, here we are, a week later, and most Americans have no idea a madman was ranting on social media, armed with a loaded AK-47, threatening to kill our president for killing a terrorist.

We are literally at war with the mainstream media to get out REAL news.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter censor posts such as this and the MSM simply refuses to cover them because they want everyone to believe Trump supporters are the loonies and all liberals are peace-loving, wonderful human beings that want everyone to live off plants for the rest of their lives.

I will not pretend there is not unrest on the right, but the media refuses to acknowledge the anger, the hate, and the lunacy on the left.

If there was ever a case to be made as to why we need alt-media, this story makes it clear as day.

The fact of the matter is the MSM tells you what they want you to hear, not what you need to hear!

Share this story, get it out there, make sure everyone knows this is the kind of horror the MSM is protecting the Democrat party from.

Make no mistake about it, their words energized this threat and if any harm were to come to Trump, that blood would have been on the hands of every Democrat that decried the necessary killing of General Soleimani.