Democrats Silent as REAL Iran Goes Viral

Real Iran
Photo via Heshmat Alavi Twitter Video Screenshot

From the moment the news broke about the death of General Soleimani, Democrats have been railing against President Trump.

Virtually every presidential candidate has come out to say Trump went too far and this never should have been done.

When Iran retaliated and took down a passenger airline jet originating from Ukraine, again, virtually every Democrat put the blame for the attack on Trump.

Today, after live video from Iran has been blowing up all over social media, all we are hearing from the Dems are crickets.

The Truth Comes Out

When Soleimani was buried, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews compared him to Elvis Presley, if you can believe that.

What the Dems and media did not cover, however, was the people celebrating in the streets over Soleimani’s death.

After the airliner was shot down and Dems tried to put it on Trump, the facts slowly started to drip out, making it look as though Iran purposely shot down the airliner.

We say this because the airliner was shot down roughly three hours after the initial barrage was launched by Iran.

Additionally, the plane was given clearance to take off by a tower in Tehran, then was shot down almost immediately after takeoff.

Initially, Iran denied it had anything to do with the downing of the plane, but as the investigation was carried out, it was found that a surface-to-air missile originating from Iran was the cause.

Iran had no choice but to admit it had “accidentally” shot down the plane, and the people of Iran immediately took to the streets in protest…

That scene you saw in that video has been taking place for days, but for the most part, the mainstream media and Democrats are not even acknowledging this is happening.

The people of Iran are protesting in the thousands, literally risking their lives to protest the murderous regime in place.

Yashir Ali, a journalist for the Huffington Post and New York Magazine also pointed out this very fact on Twitter…

Politico Washington Correspondent Ryan Lizza also picked up in this, noting that Joe Biden was the only major candidate to tweet about it…

Notice how Biden still managed to take a shot at Trump even though he is completely wrong in his assessment of the situation.

Iran is near its breaking point, and there is nobody to thank for that in D.C. other than Trump.

This uprising in Iran is a major egg on the face of the Democrat party, but they have no honor, they have no code, so they will not admit they are wrong.

This is why we need to take news like this viral to ensure every American sees how Trump is truly impacting the world rather than the fake news and bogus narrative Democrats are spreading.