Muslim Teacher Calls for Dead Americans, Texans Give Nasty Surprise in Class the Next Day

Muslim Teacher
Photo Courtesy of Hernán Piñera via Creative Commons License

They say there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. However, for those of us who follow the shenanigans of the dangerous liberal news media, you could add a third one: sooner or later, they will say that Muslims are peace-loving, ordinary people.

The problem is that examples keep coming up that prove this just isn’t the case. Take Nancy Salem, who is now a former teacher at The Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington.

Mrs. Salem was involved in many different anti-Israel demonstrations, and she eventually caught the attention of Canary Mission, which is a covert watchdog group that works to expose individuals posting hate speech online. Before Salem was fired from the school back in 2017, the group discovered that she had posted hateful messages as far back as 2012 mocking the Holocaust and encouraging people to “kill some Jews.”

Needless to say, the city of Arlington, Texas is not a liberal bastion such as San Francisco or New York, and once they discovered her hateful messages, they didn’t take it kindly, and with good reason.

The social media pages of the Children’s Courtyard were so inundated by messages calling for her termination and saying that she shouldn’t be working around children that the pre-school felt they had no choice but to act.

Due to her long history of hate speech and the public outcry surrounding them, the school decided to terminate Nancy Salem’s employment.

What goes around comes around because she spewed her deplorable views on social media, she came to work one day and ended up getting a pink slip.

Of course, immediately after this Salem showed her true, cowardly colors and quickly tried to disable her Twitter account. However, the damage had already been done.

Before Salem deleted her account, Canary Mission volunteers had the foresight to capture screenshots of some of her terrible posts.

Here is a screenshot of the alleged tweets…

And the reaction by followers on Facebook:

The most damaging Twitter post for Nancy Salem was one where she re-tweeted a fake Twitter account that paid homage to Adolph Hitler.

The original post asked a question regarding how many Jewish people died in the Holocaust, and then followed it up with “Not enough.”

Now, it would have been bad enough if Salem had just reposted this, but she added “haha” in great big capital letters as well.

There were several posts where Salem compared Israel to Nazi Germany and numerous times where she compared Jewish people to dogs. There is no question that this pre-school did the right thing in letting this Muslim teacher go.