Russian Commander Brutally Killed By Own Troops


Russian brigade commander Colonel Yuri Medvedev has died, Ukrainian officials report, “after being run down with a tank by his own mutinous troops.” He was “brutally taken out after his 37th Motor Rifle Brigade suffered huge losses.”

Commander ‘fragged’ with a tank

Unpopular officers have a tendency to get eliminated by their own troops. It happens so often that there’s a word for it. “fragged.” That derived from the popular practice of tossing a fragmentation grenade at the loser-in-charge.

This time they used a tank on the brigade commander because it was convenient. The Russians also lost a lieutenant general commanding the 49th Combined Arms Army. He went down fighting to become the seventh general scratched from the board, so far.

The commander had it coming, his troops declare. “News of Colonel Medvedev’s fate – backed by recent footage of the extraordinary episode – came amid claims that 20 of the 120 battalions massed by Vladimir Putin have been rendered inoperative by Ukraine’s staunch resistance.” Putin fired 8 of his generals for feeding him misinformation about the readiness of Ukraine troops.

Some are beginning to speculate that Putin himself walked into a trap sprung on him by the forces of global government evil. Whether you love Putin or hate him, he has one trait in common with Donald Trump. They are both hard-core nationalists, who put the country they represent first ahead of all the rest when dealing globally. The New World Order can’t stand either one of them for that.

Putin knows he’s fully committed to seeing his decisions through to the bitter end. He’s said to be assembling “at least 10 more” tank battalions “to shore up his army.

Officials are warning the commander “he is going ‘all in‘ behind his ‘botched‘ invasion” even if that means using chemical, biological or nuclear weapons to pull it off. In other words, don’t get in front of the tanks and watch hard for incoming grenades.


Failure to organize

Incompetence is everywhere it seems. The commander who got flattened for leading his troops to disaster is only one example of Russia’s “failure to organize.” When they gave a briefing to claim that they “had achieved the main military objectives,” the jaws of everyone attending hit the floor. Sure the Kremlin acknowledges, “losses had been ‘really high‘ in some areas.

They sent out 115-120 battalion tactical groups. The Russians note “20 battalions were now not thought to be ‘combat effective‘ and had been withdrawn, either because repairs were needed to vehicles or because of massive losses.” They still have at least 95 more.

They had to say something about the commander who was whacked so the official word is that Colonel Medvedev “was killed by his own troops we believe as a consequence of the scale of losses that had been taken by his brigade.

They hope the other generals will get the message. That, the experts say, “gives an insight into some of the morale challenges the Russian forces are having.

It’s clear from the injuries the commander had been run down using a tank. They’re convinced it was a Russian tank and “he was killed by his own troops deliberately.” Footage has been hitting the airwaves showing “Colonel Medvedev being stretchered into a hospital after suffering severe injuries to his legs.” Mortally severe injuries.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk posted on Facebook, “a soldier, choosing a convenient moment during the battle, ran over his brigade commander, Colonel Yuri Medvedev, with a tank, injuring both his legs. Medvedev is in a hospital in Belarus and has already been awarded the Order of Courage.” They can bury it with him.