Breaking News: Snap Military Exercise, Razor Wire Going Up Along Border


Russian claims that they aren’t getting ready to invade but the Estonian government is bracing for an invasion anyway. On Wednesday, November 17, they ordered “1,700 reserve soldiers” to take part in “an unannounced exercise which will include installing a razor wire barrier along 40 km of its border with Russia.”

Defending the border

Estonia has a problem similar to the one Americans have at the southern border. Illegal immigrants. They’re taking drastic measures as “the migration crisis in nearby Belarus intensifies.”

Officials in the EU who actually acknowledge that borders still exist have “accused Belarus of flying in thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa and pushing them to cross into EU and NATO members Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.”

The dastardly reason for sending an invasion of illegal immigrants across the border is “retaliation for sanctions already imposed on Minsk.”

Belarus swears up and down that they’re innocent as the Siberian snow and have “denied deliberately fomenting the crisis.” Their neighbors don’t believe them.

As reported by Yahoo, “The EU neighbors of Belarus, which is a close Russian ally, have warned that the crisis could lead to a military clash, and have declared states of emergency and deployed military forces.”

Unlike Border Czarina Kamala Harris and His Imperial Wisdom Joe Biden, they chose to defend their nation from invasion.


Send in the troops

The “snap” exercise is planned to run through November 25, officially to “test rapid response of the national chain of command.”

That test will involve reserve solders to “install 40 km of razor wire in places along Russian border, where risks of illegal crossings are highest.”

According to a statement issued by Estonian police and border guard chief Elmar Vaher, what’s “happening in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia also requires the strengthening” of their domestic infrastructure.

The Trump-like wall will be “erected in the border areas that have previously been used by organized crime to facilitate illegal migration.”

The exercise comes on the heels of last weeks warning by Eastonia’s defense minister that “the border crisis could turn into a military clash. As a result, some neighboring countries have declared a state of emergency and deployed military forces near their frontiers.”

Meanwhile, on this side of the planet, a fresh caravan of illegal aliens, 1,500 strong, pushed into Mexico from Central America, headed north. They were promptly provided with green cards to facilitate their travel. Once they get to the U.S., they’re expected to be met with open arms and “Welcome to America” starter packs.