Jussie Smollett Lawsuit Dismissed

Judge Makes Jussie Smollett Wish He Never Stepped Foot into Her Courtroom

Poor Jussie Smollett. It keeps getting worse for the disgraced “Empire” actor and soon-to-be forgotten pop culture footnote. First, his MAGA attack fake hate crime hoax...
Joe Biden Sexual Assault Investigation

BREAKING: Law Enforcement Makes Their Move on Joe Biden

It’s finally happening. Joe Biden, the former Vice-President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee is officially under investigation for alleged sexual assault. A D.C. Metropolitan Police...

How Epstein, Pizzagate, and Illusionists Are All Strangely Connected

Shocking new information suggests that "Pizzagate" may be an engineered public relations illusion. World class stage magicians including David Copperfield might be responsible for...
SUV runs over BLM protesters

[WATCH] BLM Protester Blocks Road, Gets PUMMELED by Black SUV

When a BLM protester blocks the road and then gets run over, who is to blame? Is it the driver’s fault? Should he or she pull...

Breaking: Newly Released Transcript Exposes Scary FBI Tactics Geared Toward Trump Campaign

On Thursday, Lindsey Graham released the transcript of a clandestine Deep State rendezvous at a "prestigious" London social club. Only weeks before the 2016...
Intruder breaks into Florida home, gets shot by family

Thug Breaks Into Home, Gets Shot By the Entire Family

What happens when a burglar breaks into exactly the wrong home? Thanks to the Second Amendment, sometimes the bad guys get shot by the...

AG Barr Warns Of A ‘New Threat’

To "ensure that we are positioned for the future to address this new threat," Attorney General William Barr just announced extensive new counter-drone guidelines...

Durham Just Handed Out Subpoenas…Dominoes Are Beginning To Fall

John Durham has his Deep State dominoes all lined up in a neat row and they're already beginning to fall. We know for sure...
Tap out

(Video) Sheriff Makes Dude ‘Tap Out’ in Front of All His Friends During Wild...

A 2015 video has resurfaced highlighting exactly why it is always better to comply when confronted by law enforcement. Otherwise, you just might have to...

Award Winning Democrat Just Got Served With A Stack Of Felony Charges

The Democratic Party loves the "unconventional methods" of Michigan party official Sherikia Hawkins so much that they gave her an award. Her methods were...