[WATCH] BLM Protester Blocks Road, Gets PUMMELED by Black SUV


When a BLM protester blocks the road and then gets run over, who is to blame?

Is it the driver’s fault? Should he or she pull over and miss work or other commitments, because of the lawbreaker impeding his way? What if they feel threatened?

Or is it the fault of the person in the street, abusing his right to peacefully stage a civil protest?

Watch this 15-second video and judge for yourself.

The scene: A Black Lives Matter rally held at Eastern Michigan University. The rally was held in response to racist graffiti found spray-painted in a campus courtyard. University President James Smith, strongly condemned the graffiti, saying, “It scares me that people are so ignorant, so uninformed, and so hateful. 

That wasn’t enough for some students. 300 BLM supporters stormed the President’s lawn and demanded action.

A Terrifying Incident at a BLM Rally

The video shows a black Jeep Wrangler slowly making its way through the throng. Suddenly, the SUV just takes off, plowing through the crowd and speeding away. But the motive is unclear. Was the female driver impatient, or was she fearful for her safety as the mob gathered around her vehicle?


Although the driver did run over the feet of some of the protesters and a motorcycle was struck, no one was seriously hurt. But the crowd was not happy. The video shows some of the protesters chasing the SUV in the aftermath. 

The driver was questioned by Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputies, but they released her without filing charges.

One EMU student who attended the rally posted on Facebook:

“If there was a car accident in the middle of the intersection, I’m sure people could’ve found their way around. Just like every other car in the intersection waiting, she could’ve waited too. But no, she decides to disrespect us, and run right through our PEACEFUL protest.”



  1. Peaceful?? Nothing about the BLM is “peaceful” – -they’re ugly, disrespectful and just plain evil and NO ONE is going to “stand down” for them, so they better “get back on the sidewalk”! If not, then they’re to blame for whatever happens to them.


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