Judge Makes Jussie Smollett Wish He Never Stepped Foot into Her Courtroom

Jussie Smollett Lawsuit Dismissed
Photo via Yahoo News

Poor Jussie Smollett. It keeps getting worse for the disgraced “Empire” actor and soon-to-be forgotten pop culture footnote.

First, his MAGA attack fake hate crime hoax was exposed.

Then, he faced criminal charges and lawsuits for staging the attack. Smollett is being sued by the City of Chicago for expenses and damages and for defamation by the Nigerian brothers who were his accomplices.

After that, he was fired from the show that made him famous.

Then, a year later, new felony charges were filed related to the original report.

This week, “Empire” was cancelled, with no final wrap-up appearance for his character.

Now, his countersuit against Chicago is over, dismissed by Judge Virginia Kendall in a 15-page order.

Jussie Smollett:  No Lawsuit for You

Smollett sought damages for malicious prosecution, claiming that the Chicago Police Department exposed him to “mass public ridicule and harm”.

But Smollett and his lawyers forgot something. Namely, that he is currently charged with six felony counts of disorderly conduct.

In other words, Smollett faces “public ridicule” because he is a criminal defendant, not because of the Chicago PD.

Judge Kendall explained: 

In a malicious prosecution case, all elements cannot be pled until the proceedings are terminated in the plaintiff’s favor.

The case that was once dismissed has returned in the form of a special prosecutor who had the ability to investigate and press criminal charges against him,” the Judge continued.

Given this, it cannot be said that the case has terminated, nor can it be said that the case has terminated in Smollett’s favor,” she concluded.

The Smollett Case is Supported by Evidence

Judge Kendall also wrote that investigators did have sufficient probable cause to justify Smollett’s first arrest. The evidence included statements by his alleged paid accomplices,  brothers Abimbola “Abel” and  Olabingo “Ola” Osundario.

The order read “there was additional evidence to corroborate the Osundairo Brothers’ statements, including suspicious texts between the parties and the deposit of a large check to Abel shortly before the attack.

Smollett lost again when Judge Kendall also denied a second malicious prosecution claim by Smollett, ruking “there is no cause of action for malicious prosecution based on the Fourth Amendment.”



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  1. Smollett committed a crime and the all the Democrats involved tried to cover, conceal, and squash charges because that is what they do

    • Spot on! And those that enabled, abetted and lied to perpetuate Jessie’s criminal scams need to be indicted and prosecuted for their crimes as well, starting with the lying Kimberly Fox. She needs to be disbarred.


  3. Pull a race hoax attack, then sue the investigators of your hoax attack? The Democrat mind (?) set is not aligned in any truth.

  4. This hero of the progressive left deserves what sentence the people would have gotten if this was real. He should be rotting in jail with his new mate Big Bubba. I hope his butthole can stretch because he’s going to get plenty of fracking in his new home( if the clowns in our justice system do their jobs). Also this stupid “ hate crimes” should be overturned for it’s nothing but Orwellian trash. There are plenty of laws on the books for any crime. Who in F::ks name thinks because you call someone a racist name as you beat the shit out of someone or kill him that you deserve more time. But the gutless Republican Party went along with this shit. We, the people need a true Conservative party that has balls to stand up to these communist bastards. Dig up Joe McCarthy. We need this hero back. And he was a hero but again the Republican Party turned their gutless backs on him even though he was right. Nuff said!

  5. It’s time for another Civil War! Time to take back our country from these commies and their commie loving idiots who vote for them. Buy guns and ammo you conservatives. The time is coming! It’s that or kiss our country goodby because the slobs in congress couldn’t care less.

  6. Because Jussie was greedy, and wasn’t happy with his large salary, he ruined his career. I don’t feel sorry for him, because greed is not an attractive characteristic in anyone !


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