Police Clash With Unlawful Mob…Blast em With Dose of Karma


Police clashed with an unlawful mob outside the Dream City church in Phoenix, Arizona, where President Donald Trump addressed a crowd of around 3,000 “Students for Trump” on Tuesday. After protesters threw objects, the officers karmically blasted back a dose of “flash bangs, pepper balls and a burst of pepper spray.”

The police were attacked first

Authorities were forced to officially declare the “several hundred” gathered radicals “an unlawful assembly.” Two anarchists “swung at two officers in separate incidents.” Others in the crowd threw objects. No arrests were made but the police threw back a few flash bangs and and pepper balls to get their attention, then moved them back with a small dose of spicy Mexican chili in the form of air freshener.

According to news reports, there were two separate groups of demonstrators which melted together in the 107 degree heat and “demonstrated peacefully for hours.” Bethne Stewart of Phoenix insists, “we’ve been peaceful all day. We’ve been loud, of course, that’s our right.” She’s mad because she was hit with the pepper spray and her eyes were still stinging. “the police have been dogging us, harassing us,” she complains.

Officers and plainclothes detectives patiently stood watch until President Trump’s motorcade prepared to depart. “Tensions grew,” Mohave Daily News reports, “as officers in riot gear arrived to stand between demonstrators and the path of Trump’s motorcade.” That was a no-no, insists Phoenix Police Sergeant Ann Justus. Protesters crossed the tape lines out of their “free speech zone.”

Radicals face to face with the cops

A line of protesting radicals squared off with the line of riot gear clad police as an officer used a bull horn to order the crowd of savages back. One anarchist assaulted an officer by “pushing on an officer’s shield with his arm.” In response, the cop grabbed him around the neck.

That’s about when the ordinance started flying. Sgt. Justice confirms, “Authorities used flash bangs, pepper balls” and just “a burst of pepper spray,” for seasoning. The truly peaceful demonstrators took the hint and left. Organizers urged the remaining radicals to disburse and “clean up their trash” as they leave.

Inside the venue, the only ones wearing face coverings were Arizona’s elected officials. Arizona’s governor, Double Crossing Doug Ducey, had a flag on his. The outgoing RINO senator appointed by Ducey, Martha McSally, wore her mask to come out and wave goodbye, joined by political zeros Paul Gosar and Debbie Lesko.


  1. You people what the hell is wrong with you? They will keep pushing until you stop them. They are the snowflake revolutionaries. Ma & Pa kicked them out of the basement. No more food stamps and it has a monkey on it`s back.

  2. The idiots should have know better than to try their crap in Arizona as we have a governor who really isn’t going to put up with their violence.

  3. These little commies have been indoctrinated so much by their big commie professors that they won’t stop because they are taught that good people and good gov’t will cave in and start implementing what these little commies want, meaning they believe and know it worked in Russia, Cuba and other countries that got taken over by the little and big commies. It is not a game with them, it’s war and they intend to win just like their backer Soros, Soros’ BLM and the democratic party has through the years turned this country into a sexualized LGBT culture and killing our young as a religion by successfully passing the laws the average citizen does not want and so they leave any feelings for their gov’t behind and just concentrate on their lives while the commies move in and consolidate their power and positions in top gov’t positions and you are not going to get them out because they use our military and police to keep their top gov’t lives. Marxism will succeed for these little commies but not for you or me. And yes, you will have normal Americans in our own gulag.

  4. Hmm – so how much did the crowd ‘disburse’ – if it was enough I might be ‘entitled’ to some of it, I can always use a few extra coins 🙂
    Oh wait, maybe the writer meant they were ordered to ‘disperse’ – as in to break up their gathering and go away. Those darn ‘homophone’ words are sooooo confusing.

  5. A better strategy would be to use stun-batons and smoke grenades. So long as the protesters stay at a safe and respectful distance, no problem. Once the AntifaBLM thugs start throwing stuff, shoot smoke grenades at their feet. The moment the smoke rises and obscures the police from the thugs, raise shields and wade into the smoke-cloud — and he crowd of thugs — with stun-batons turned on and swinging. A thug hit anywhere by a stun-baton will be ZAPPED, and go down. By the time the smoke clears, the crowd will be either fled or snoring. Cuff the snoring bodies and stuff them in paddy-wagons, and carry them off to jail. Let them wake up in the cells.

  6. They should have known better then to try their crap in Arizona as it still isn’t too friendly to these kind of people. We soon might be as loads of those from Cal. are moving here.

  7. Protesters are peaceful, until they aren’t! And then, they should receive the full dose of whatever force it takes to break them up, arrest them, and disperse them! There is no mercy for these thugs!


  9. Violent Rebellion is what the Democrat Party promotes and supports. Biden’s campaign has bailed some of these troublesome revolutionaries out of jail. BLM is running a scam diverting their contributions to the Democrat Party. How convenient.

  10. I think our police and political leaders are too nice to these paid terrorist. Make them earn their pay by giving back as good as they give. If they throw rocks and frozen water bottles then throw some rubber bullets and take a few more balls out. Enough pain returned and they’ll get the message.

  11. Will someone please tell me how an individual can DIE TWICE! As this story begins to unravel and the TRUTH begins to flow! The individual known as George Floyd (yes nancy) died in 2016 in Corpus Christi, Texas. So who were all these players involved in this conspiracy? ACTORS. This was all staged and rehearsed. Haven’t you wondered how this racial war began so conveniently just as the pandemic was beginning to lose traction in the communist msm story line? How sad it will be when the REAL truth comes to light. All this destruction, all this death and injuries including the cost of all the looting and for what? A HOAX! Funded by george soros and the NWO that desires to destroy America once and for all. These evil individuals knows that 4 more years of President Trump and THEY will be destroyed and run out of OUR country once and for all! The communist democrat party is finally coming to a brutal END! That begins Nov. 3rd 2020!

  12. These terrorists need to be handled, they are getting away with murder, arson looting in the name of racism. This has nothing to do with racism, it’s a power grab by the democrats. These stupid white spoiled brats that are causing a lot of the trouble, have been indoctrinated by the Marxist educators that we have allowed to take over all our universities. The ‘silent majority’ needs to stand up and be counted on November 3, to reelect President Trump.


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