2 Attorneys Attempt to Block Trumps Rally…Then a Judge Steps in and Sets Things Straight


Two liberal lawyers tried to block President Trump’s Saturday rally in Tulsa, until Judge Rebecca Nightingale stepped in to set things straight. “It does not appear,” she wrote, “that Plaintiffs are entitled to the relief demanded.” In other words, “get lost.”

Oklahoma judge allows Trump rally

Two liberal attorneys tried to prevent President Donald Trump from holding a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma because of concerns for “social distancing and other health measures.” It’s perfectly alright for mobs to gather and riot in the streets as long as arson and looting are involved. Judge Rebecca Nightingale was smart enough on Tuesday to deny the temporary injunction.

The two attorneys allegedly represent city residents and business owners inspired by the liberal children of darkness to play up the engineered propaganda. Officially, as declared by Darth Soros, “the rally would put the community at increased risk of coronavirus infection.”

President Trump plans to fill every one of the 19,000-plus-seats in BOK Center. Let the flu spread faster than the gasoline at the Black Lives Matter riots. Judge Nightingale says go for it. The whining liberals don’t have a legal leg to stand on. “It does not appear by the Petition that Plaintiffs are entitled to the relief demanded.”

Lining up for days

The judge made deplorable Trump supporters happy, especially the ones who started lining up for the event four days ahead of time. They don’t care about the Covid-19 restrictions. All the “mounting concerns” of Democrats and civil rights activists about the “racial tensions” only want to make them come down and support their president even more.

The liberal lawyers knew they were on shaky legal ground so they threw everything against the wall they could think of. None of it stuck. The judge simply scraped it up and threw it right back in their faces. Even the argument that the rally violated “public nuisance laws” fell flat. They wanted the rally organizers to insure that the event would implement “mandatory use of face masks and social distancing rules for all guests and employees, as recommended by the state, local and federal authorities, and by every credible and qualified medical expert who has studied the issue.” Forget it, the judge ruled.

The attorneys insisted they weren’t singling out Trump. They swear they would do the same for Joe Biden but everybody knows there’s no way Creepy Joe could get enough people into a 19,000 seat stadium to pack them closer than 60 feet together. “As currently planned, the event will endanger not only the health of the guests in attendance and the plaintiffs, but the entire Tulsa community and any community to which the guests may afterward travel.” Sorry, but that ship already sailed. Any precautions we take now are locking the barn after the horse is over the hill.


  1. Now I suggest that they let the rallies go on and if they become infected it will be on them but should be quaranteened after teh rally so as not to infect others.

  2. Thank God for this Judge, Our President should be able to hold his rally. the dems need to stop this now. America has had enough. and no American is gonna stand back from now on. President Trump will hold his Rallies. and Americans will keep supporting OUR PRESIDENT ALL THE WAY TO HIS 2ND TERM in the White House. Again thank you so much to this Judge that made them walk out with nothing. God Bless Her.

  3. ok thank you again to the Judge who did the right thing. this is America and people are aware of anything they may come in contact with. they just want to show OUR President America Supports him

  4. As usual the Democrats double standards at work, just like facebook! The left knows that their twisted cause is going to go down in flames so they try to block conservatives. All this is going to do is fire up President Trump’s base and get other people and groups to wake up and realize the left has been playing them for absolute fools. Once that happens it is over for the Democratic Party.

  5. I’ll tell you one reason why these two libtard lawyers We’re trying To shut down the Trump rally,,,,, because if the black lies matter and and Fascist antifa punks try to attack and riot, hahahahaha well they’re going to get their asses kicked royallyby the One million Trump supporters. Of course as we know they like to attack people when the numbers are in their favor, there NOT real BIG on 1 on 1 attacks. Oh yeah one more thing even with that many people I bet you’d ever been no riots and less they are attacked it won’t be trashy the place will be clean of course that’s pretty much the norm for conservative, NOT For anyone that has anything to do with the Democratic Party

  6. Since there are cameras everywhere in downtown areas isn’t it just a matter of time before the detectives in the cities where the riots happened start IDing the rioters who caused the damages and arrest them, book them, bring charges and put them on trial?

  7. Once again the plans of the delusional democrats went south . No matter how hard they try they can’t beat trump at anything . Try as them may … they lose every time . And like the dumb ass’s that they are they keep trying . Thank god we have a few honest judges left . Guess the delusional democrats can’t buy them all . See yall at the movement for a free country
    Trimp 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

  8. 2 Attorneys Attempt to Block Trumps Rally…But Fail. Heck all they needed to do was tell Jerry Nadless there was free Pizza at the Gate… No one would have gotten in! Jus Sayin…


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