One of the Biggest Companies Out There Was Just Exposed for Helping Fund Terrorists


It’s okay to fund terrorism as long as the liberals are doing it. One of the biggest of the big-tech giants has been funding a high profile terrorist right out in the open and nobody is batting an eye. Walking through an open door at the Capitol Building will get you arrested by the FBI for insurrection but detonating a bomb in it will get you made vice-chairman of a powerful liberal cash dispensary.

A fund for terror

Amazon is so woke that they banned the social media platform Parler “over its alleged ties to the January 6 Capitol mob.” Meanwhile, they had no moral qualms at all “donating millions of dollars” to fund “an organization associated with a convicted terrorist.”

Not just any convicted terrorist but one whose “former group was involved in bombing the Capitol.” Susan Rosenberg is A-okay with Amazon. The whole sordid scandal started last summer.

In 2020, Amazon made the bold announcement that they were providing a $10 million donation for “organizations supporting justice and equity,” including “a donation directly to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.”

The liberals running the company are too squeamish to host a conservative platform like Parler but they have no problem at all funneling cash to fund BLM Global Network despite the fact their sponsor, “Thousand Currents,” is run by none other than Susan Rosenberg. It’s amazing what people manage to get away with once history is erased.

There aren’t too many people who remember that Susan Rosenberg is a tried and convicted left-wing terrorist. She was part of “Weather Underground.” Now, that phrase is associated with a popular meteorology site on the internet.

Back in the turbulent Seventies, they were a group of radical terrorists who splintered off from Students for a Democratic Society to “create a revolutionary party to overthrow American imperialism.” Now Amazon does fund raising for them.

May 19 Communist

Rosenberg is best known for her role as “a central figure in the May 19 Communist Organization.” They were “responsible for a series of violent incidents in the late 1970s and early 1980s.” For instance, the group robbed a Brinks armored truck in 1981 “which resulted in the murders of two policemen and a security guard.”

They also “claimed responsibility for a series of bombings,including the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Capitol.” How soon people forget. Especially when it comes to liberal fund gathering.


Historian William Rosenau reminds today’s voters that May 19 “also bombed an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, and the South African consulate in New York, D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard.” They ran rampant for nearly 2 years.

The FBI eventually caught up with Susan Rosenberg and slapped the cuffs on her while she was “helping to load 740 pounds of explosives and an arsenal of weapons (including a submachine gun) into a storage locker near Philadelphia.” Now she’s a fund manager.

The judge locked her away for 58 years but he didn’t count on Bill Clinton. Hillary nagged him incessantly until he signed Rosenberg’s clemency paperwork. Now she’s a major fund raising mover and shaker for Black Lives Matter.

All it takes is a presidential pardon and blowing up the capitol gets washed clean from your record. Meanwhile the QAnon shaman is undergoing a mental health exam after the FBI invited him to go on a private guided tour on January 6. Some wonder if politics will ever make sense again.


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